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Do you have questions about PGA OR “Clean” Glass Recycling?  What is it?  What happens to it? How is PGA crushed?  NRRA has the answers!  If you can’t find the answers to your questions regarding Processed Glass Aggregate or “Clean” GLASS RECYCLING on this page, please reach out to us by calling (603)736-4401 or emailing
Click HERE for the NRRA PGA (mixed) Specification (“Spec”) Sheet– What counts as PGA?  What Doesn’t?  How the program works.  
*Click HERE for the NRRA CLEAN GLASS Specification Sheet – We currently have two sites, Keene & Lebanon, that ONLY accept Clean jars and bottles



Watch NRRA’s Webinar:  Processed Glass Aggregate: A Certified Waste Derived Product

Glass collected through community recycling programs consists primarily of clear, green, and brown food or beverage containers. Decades ago it was economical to sort this glass by color, but the market price for recycled glass as cullet continues to decrease and the trend is not shifting. For this reason, many state environmental protection and/or transportation departments encourage safe and credible alternative uses of recycled glass as a replacement for other natural aggregate materials (gravel, crushed gravel, or crushed stone). NRRA’s PGA program outlines the requirements for the acceptable use of uncontaminated, mixed color, processed glass aggregate (PGA) as backfill material, drainage, subbase layers, roadway applications, embankments and foundations.  (.75 hour/NH DES credit available)

Watch the “Original” NRRA & NH the Beautiful PGA Video


Want to see an actual “glass crush” taking place?  Check out this video taken at NRRA’s PGA Host Site in New London, NH


NRRA’s PGA Program- Lakes Region Planning Commission Presentation on 2/6/19

(click to view the presentation)


Check out the Video below to learn more about 2MR, NRRA’s (CLEAN)  Glass Recycling Vendor

100% of the clean glass jars and bottles that NRRA and its members sends up to 2MR in Canada is eventually shipped back to the United States in the form of insulation.  Watch the video to learn more!

Glass, Trash & Recycling in Crisis/China National Sword- January 9, 2019 NRRA Presentation by Mike Durfor


Want to learn more about NRRA’s PGA Program?  Click Below to see our program presentation










 Press Release: Glass is on the Move

EPSOM, NH 8/13/18 -The Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) is honored to announce that it has signed a 10 year agreement with 2MRessources in Canada to supply 2MR with clean glass containers of all colors.

For full Press release, Click Here.




NRRA’s ‘Glass is NOT Trash’ Press Release, May 2018


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