Food Waste Reduction & Composting

NRRA HB617 Testimony For Composting in NH – September 26, 2019

Click Here to read the handout and testimony given by NRRA at the Waste Committee Hearing on 9/26/19.


Food Waste Diversion Webinar (FREE)

September 2019 – Learn about the current status of composting organics in NH, and a look ahead to what the future may hold. In this webinar, hosted by The NH Food Alliance,  they interviewed Sarah McGraw and Jenny Humpshries of Mr. Fox Composting. Mr. Fox Composting has been in business for 10 years providing residential and commerical organics hauling as well as offering event services. They talked about why their model works and how it is helping more Maine and New Hampshire communities divert organics from the landfill. Reagan Bissonnette of the Northeast Resource Recovery Association, provided an overview of the laws and regulations related to composting in New Hampshire—including pathways for composting meat and dairy—and discussed possible policy changes that could support more food waste reduction.  She also highlighted the NRRA’s Yes in My Back Yard! program that encourages organics diversion at businesses, schools, and recycling centers in NH and beyond.

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NRRA Participates as Client for New England Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic Legal Fact Sheets

As a project of the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic, the Food Policy Fact sheets are guidance documents to help stakeholders navigate food donation and food recovery. The fact sheets cover Food Donation Liability, Tax Incentives, Date Labeling, and Feed Scraps to Animals.

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