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~Recycling Fact of the Month~

100,000 marine animals are killed each year as a result of plastic bag pollution.



You may have noticed that Full of Scrap is even more full in recent months as we continue to highlight the great work of our members.  We’ve also increased our presence on social media, where you can find even more news and stories.  For example, a number of NRRA members testified before the NH Recycling & Solid Waste Study Committee, which is studying the challenges facing municipalities in the current recycling markets.  This included a presentation by two 8th grade students and their teacher from Somersworth Middle School, an NRRA School Club member, about the school’s exemplary work to reduce their waste through recycling, composting, and more.  You can find this story and others on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

I look forward to seeing many of you at our Annual Meeting next week!



The NRRA October 2019  Pricing Guide is Now Available!

The NRRA  October 2019 Pricing guide is now available!  To access the newest NRRA Pricing guide CLICK HERE.

As a reminder, this is simply a guide.  For true, up-to-date pricing, please contact your NRRA Member Services representative.  This guide is password protected, if you need the password, please contact Stacey at smorrison@nrra.net.

IMPORTANT PRICING ALERT:  Mixed Paper Pricing (loose, bales, picked-up or delivered) is currently at a COST to Members.  There are a number of ways NRRA can help until the fiber market improves, please call us if you have any questions or concerns.


Register Today for the 2019 NRRA Annual Meeting! – Hurry Time is Running Out!

Click Here for the Full details and to download the registration form.  Registrations must be received by November 1, 2019. 

Dear NRRA Members, you are cordially invited to join the staff & trustees of the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) for its annual meeting and luncheon. The NRRA is YOUR organization, so please plan to attend or send a representative in your place.

Each Municipal Member is entitled to one vote, but you may send as many representatives as you wish. Associate members do not have a vote, but we welcome and encourage your participation. This Annual Meeting & Luncheon offers a wonderful chance to network with recycling professionals throughout the Northeast.

The cost for the luncheon is $30 per person and pre-registration is required. Please fill out the attached form (see link below) and return it to us with a check made payable to NRRA (we can also invoice you, if you prefer). Registration Deadline is Thursday, November 1st, 2018.

We look forward to seeing you on November 6th and thank you for your continued support of the NRRA.


NRRA Executive Director Travels to Connecticut to Speak at Solid Waste Advisory Committee Meeting

Last week, Reagan Bissonnette, traveled to Hartford, CT to address the CT Solid Waste Advisory committee in regards to the recent struggles facing the recycling industry.

Changes in the recycling market internationally are pinching Connecticut cities and towns, turning one-time revenue streams into massive costs almost overnight.

“I think it’s a myth to consider recycling to be a revenue generator,” Bissonnette said. “Recycling is a great cost-avoidance strategy so long as recycling is less expensive than the cost of disposal.”

Click Here to Read More


Save the Date!  NRRA’s 39th Annual Conference and Expo

Monday May 18th and Tuesday, May 19th, 2020
The DoubleTree by Hilton Downtown Manchester

Visit our Conference Page for Updates!




Brian Patnoe, Littleton Transfer Station shows of his bales of Plastics

A few weeks ago, Brian and his staff in Littleton hosted the NRRA M.O.M. (Members/Operations Marketing Committee) Meeting and gave a thorough tour of their facility. Participants found the field trip useful- to ask questions and see another recycling center in action.  Since 1993, Littleton has worked with NRRA for their recycling needs. Over the years, they have reached out to us with 16 different programs: Aggraphalt, aluminum cans, baling wire, batteries, electronics, fibers, Freon recovery, PGA glass, plastics, propane, scrap metal, shingles, steel cans, tires, gloves and vegetable oil. Littleton also has a unique program, shredding paper, that they offer for a small fee to their residents and area businesses. The facility is fortunate to have lots of covered space and staff and Brian is always eager to find ways to improve

Brian Patnoe addresses MOM Meeting attendees

things, or change the flow of how residents use the space. NRRA is pleased that Littleton is one of NRRA’s regional hubs for PGA (processed aggregate glass) which helps the local communities divert their glass from the waste stream.

He was recently featured in the Caledonian Record: North Country: Down Recycling Market Poses Challenges, Opportunities Here and was on a panel at the Trash Talk at the Colonial Here. Thanks, Littleton. NH!



NRRA VENDOR SPOTLIGHT:  Environmental Projects, Inc.

Environmental Projects, Inc. is a Maine owned and operated contractor with a hazardous waste transfer facility in Auburn. They are experienced professionals with a long track record in their industry.

NRRA has been working with EPI since 2014 with several programs: HHW (household hazardous waste) collections at town events; hazardous waste removal and disposal; motor oil and antifreeze separator and disposal; and paint collection programs (no longer offered).

When a town contacts NRRA either requesting a pick-up of contaminated oil or asks for a HHW event for next spring, we work with Brett to set up those services. HHW events book early, so it is best to schedule those a year in advance!


On the Road Again…The Next Traveling MOM Meeting will be in Keene

In an effort to bring our informative M.O.M (Member Operations Meetings) to more of our members we are going to start taking several meetings a year “on the road”.  This will also give many of our Members an opportunity to tour another transfer station to see how it operates and possibly exchange ideas.

Our next On the Road M.O.M Meeting will take place on Wed., December 11th,  in Keene, NH from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  at the Keene’s Recycling Center, 55 Old Summit Road (off Rt. 12 North), Keene, NH 03431.   This meeting will also serve as the December Cheshire County Meeting.

Coffee and Donuts will be provided and as always, NH DES Credits will be available.  You must provide your own transportation but we hope you’ll join us!

If you would like to host one of On the Road M.O.M Meetings, please email Bonnie Bethune at bbethune@nrra.net


At NRRA We Recycle Everything – Even our Staff!  Welcome Back, Marilyn Weir!

Marilyn Weir, Finance Assistant

Please join us in welcoming (back) Marilyn Weir!  Marilyn previously worked here at NRRA in our Member Services Department for over 10 years.  She retired last November and has since been spending her time with her family and horses on her farm in Chichester.  Although retirement has kept her pretty busy, Marilyn has missed her NRRA Family and we have missed her as well.

As of October 23rd, Marilyn has returned to NRRA part-time to assist in our Finance Department two days a week.  We are thrilled to have her back!


Plan to Join us:  Using Recycled Content Materials in Road & Infrastructure Projects


Fire at NRRA Vendor Mill, Office Paper Recovery (OPR) in Wilmington, MA

On October 14th a multi alarm fire broke out at NRRA Vendor, OPR’s plant in Wilmington, MA.  Crews from 5 surrounding towns battled the blaze that sent at least one firefighter to the hospital.

Office Paper Recovery Systems (OPR) is a large company that recycles paper, as well as some electronics, cans and bottles.  They have been a valued NRRA Vendor for many years.

The building sustained extensive damage.  Currently OPR has minimal capacity for certain types of materials.  NRRA has worked hard during this crisis to find alternative outlets for our members who typically bring/send their materials to Wilmington.  OPR hopes to reopen for all materials soon.

If your town sends material to OPR in Wilmington, please be sure to check with NRRA prior to shipping.

Click Here to see the full story on 25 News.


From Heather Herring’s Desk:  Dear Scrappigail

Each month Heather tackles the tough recycling questions that come in to our Member Services department from transfer stations, concerned citizens, and businesses.

Dear Scrappigail-

My Aunt has a dozen oxygen tanks and wants to know what to do with them. Can we take them to the recycling center?


Breath of fresh air in Barnstead


Dear 02-

Even though the recycling center would like to reuse the scrap metal, the safest thing to do with your used oxygen tanks is to return them to the producer for an exchange. There is usually a 1-800 number on the label to prove where the tank came from. Oxygen tanks that aren’t empty pose a fire danger for recycling centers. As long as the tank has the valve on it, it potentially has reactive oxygen in it. Since there is no state-certified method to devalve a tank, it is best to return it and not take it to the recycling center.  




November  2019

  • Wednesday, November 6, 2019 – NRRA MOM Meeting, NRRA Office @ 9:00 AM
  • Wednesday, November 6, 2019 – NRRA ANNUAL MEETING, PURITAN BACKROOM, MANCHESTER, NH @ 12 pm – 2 pm.  Preregistration required.  Office will be closed at this time.
  • Monday, November 11, 2019 – Veteran’s Day, NRRA Office Closed
  • Thursday, Nov. 28 & Friday, Nov. 29th- Thanksgiving Holiday, NRRA Office Closed

December  2019

  • Wednesday, December 11, 2019 – NRRA MOM Meeting on the Road in Keene, NH (Keene Recycling Center) at 10:00 a.m.
  • Wednesday, December 18, 2019 – NRRA Closing at Noon for Office Holiday Party
  • Wednesday, December 25, 2019 – Merry Christmas!   NRRA office CLOSED

January 2019

  • Wednesday, January 1, 2020 – Happy New Year!  NRRA Office CLOSED



Welcome Renewing CLUB Members

Woodsville Elementary School                                                                                           

  • Woodsville, NH
  • 222 Students
  • K-3


Winnisquam Regional Middle School

  • Tilton, NH
  • 350 Students
  • 6-8



White Mountains Regional High School

  • Whitefield, NH
  • 350 Students
  • 9-12


School Recycling CLUB To Be Recognized with Another Gold Circle Award

We are very pleased to announce that the NH Partners in Education is honoring The School Recycling CLUB with a Gold Circle School Partnership Award. This is the second time (2018 & 2019) our Garbage Guerrillas Workshops at Hampstead Central School have been recognized. Many thanks to them for our nomination!

An Awards Breakfast will be held on November 1.  Details will follow the event in a formal Press Release.  Great work everyone!

BIG NEWS! We have decided to extend the School Recycling Conference to 2 days!

Mark your calendars for May 18 & 19, 2020 for the combined NRRA Recycling Conference & Expo and the School Recycling Conference!

Is your school science class, recycling group or environmental club looking for a fun, educational and environmentally-friendly field trip for next year?? Now you have a choice of one or both days.  We will be offering workshops and activities for the entire length of the Conference!

Pre-register before 12/31/19 for our 11th Annual School Recycling Conference in Manchester, NH  and you’ll receive a 10% discount on your total Conference registration fee!

For more information about this and other School News, check out the School News You Can Use newsletter!



NH the Beautiful, Inc. (NHtB) is a private non-profit charitable trust founded in 1983 and supported by the soft drink, malt beverage, and grocery industries of New Hampshire. By offering municipal recycling grants (over $2.5 million) and signs, anti-litter programs, and technical assistance to recycling programs, NHtB is a unique organization that represents a voluntarily-funded alternative to expensive legislation intended to achieve the same end results.  NHtB supports the NRRA School Education Program (the Club).  The Northeast Resource Recovery Association (www.nrra.net) administers the New Hampshire the Beautiful programs.

Are You Interested in Learning More About…

For information or assistance in applying for any of the NH the Beautiful programs, please call us at 736-4401 or email nhtb@nrra.net



Portsmouth passes first municipal ban on Styrofoam in NH

The City Council has passed the first municipal ban on Styrofoam cups and containers in New Hampshire.

The council voted 8-0 to ban Styrofoam cups and containers during its Monday night meeting. The new ordinance will go into effect at the end of 2020.

The City Council also voted 8-1 to regulate single-use disposables on all city-owned property and official city events. Councilor Rick Becksted voted against the ordinance, which will also go into effect at the end of 2020.

Read Full Story Here


Concord Talk Podcast talks Recycling with Adam Clark City of Concord General Services Administration Division Manager and former NRRA Staff Member

Click Here to listen to the podcast



Top Trends (and Tips) in Responsible E-waste Recycling

Waste 360

Electronic waste (e-waste) is one of the fastest-growing waste streams in the world. However, according to the United Nations, only 20 percent of global e-waste is recycled each year.

Following its success in 2018, the second International E-Waste Day, developed by the WEEE Forum, is October 14. The WEEE Forum, an international association of e-waste collection schemes and its members, developed International E-Waste Day to promote the correct disposal of electrical and electronic equipment throughout the world.

“The volume of e-waste is continually increasing and contains many valuable as well as hazardous materials that should be recovered or properly treated when items are discarded,” said Pascal Leroy, director general of the WEEE Forum, in a statement. “While consumer awareness of how to dispose of e-waste correctly is improving, it is still a struggle to ensure that e-waste is collected and treated by organizations with the correct facilities and channels, thereby guaranteeing that this is done so in a legitimate, safe and environmentally friendly way.”

Read Full Article


Vermont Seeks Further Waste Reduction Options

Waste 360

Vermont lawmakers are looking at ways to further reduce waste from single-use products.

During a recent meeting, officials discussed options including the expansion of a bottle bill and a requirement for manufacturers to make products with post-consumer recycled content.

The state is already on track to implement a July 2020 ban on grocery store plastic bags and on reducing food waste.

Read Full Article


Colorado Glass Recycling Sees Resurgence in Technology and Sustainability

Waste Advantage

More than two million pounds of glass has avoided Colorado landfills in July and August thanks to a partnership between the End of Waste Foundation (EOW), Rocky Mountain Bottling Company and Momentum Recycling. The collaboration that began in June effectively creates a sustainable and circular economy in the glass industry in order to tackle a recurring issue in Colorado.

Despite having a reputation for being a green state, Colorado’s recycling rate is nearly half of the national average and 4.2% of landfill waste is composed of glass. The primary factors in driving the low recycling rate include inconveniences for consumers and unavoidable economic realities. China stopped accepting the world’s recyclables in 2018 and Colorado is one of 40 states without bottle deposit laws. Glass often represents a net loss for many material recovery facilities (MRFs). The value of clean recyclable glass is only $35 per ton, while it costs about the same to haul, sort and clean the material for processing.



*If your town/municipality has equipment that you’d like to sell or a job posting you’d like us to include in our publication, please email your posting to Stacey Morrison at info@nrra.net*


Position Available – Town of Newbury

Transfer Station Attendant

Full time position (40 hours/week), with benefits, at the Transfer Station in Newbury, NH. Position requires working Saturday and Sunday. Preference given to applicants that are certified with a NHDES Solid Waste Operator license, or with experience in the solid waste field. For a complete list of duties, please see job description on the Town website www.newburynh.org.

Competitive hourly rate. Position open until filled.

Apply to: Town of Newbury, P.O. Box 296, 937 Route 103, Newbury, NH 03255.
Questions: Contact Dennis Pavlicek, Town Administrator, 603-763-4940 ext. 204.
Town of Newbury, NH is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Position Available – Town of Newbury

Transfer Station Attendant

Part time position at the Transfer Station in Newbury, NH. The candidate will be part of the team responsible for the operation of the Transfer Station, the recycling processing and brush and leaves. Applicant should have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Competitive hourly rate. Position open until filled.

Apply to: Town of Newbury, P.O. Box 296, 937 Route 103, Newbury, NH 03255.
Questions: Contact Dennis Pavlicek, Town Administrator, 603-763-4940 ext. 204.
Town of Newbury, NH is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Free to a Good Home

Plastic Barrels available (must pick up) in Lancaster, NH.  First Come, First served.


More NH Municipal Job Postings…

Can be found at:  https://www.nhmunicipal.org/Resources/ClassifiedAds

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