March 4, 2015-Full of Scrap

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  • Webinar: It’s Not Just the Dump Anymore, Take 2-Register Now!
  • Talkin’ Trash 2.0
  • Special Guest Speaker at next M.O.M Meeting-Harding Metals
  • Compost Bin Sale-Deadline for Orders is March 13th
  • Calling all 2015 NRRA Conference Sponsors & Exhibitors!!!
  • School News You Can Use: Surprise Entertainer for 2015 Conference Award Luncheon, Jack Golden
  • NH the Beautiful-Now taking Orders for Litter Free NH Blue Bags
  • NH DES News
  • Vermont News-Good Point Recycling to Hold E-cycles Webinar
  • National News
  • NRRA Calendar

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~Recycling Fact of the Day~

Over 60 percent of what we put in our landfills is organic waste, such as food scraps. Yard trimmings, and paper, much of which could be recycled by composting.



Spring Blue Jay

Spring is coming! When I leave for the office in the early mornings, I can feel the sharp, fresh, spring cold feel of the air and hear that one bird that is brave enough to herald in the new season fast approaching. Only 16 days to Spring and the temperature is going to be over 40 today (somewhere). Bring on the shorts!



It’s Not Just the Dump Anymore: A Webinar…..Take 2

Take Two! We sincerely hope you join us, for real, this time. Remember this Webinar is approved for NH DES Continuing Ed credits!

It’s Not Just The Dump Anymore

Join us for a webinar on Mar 05, 2015 at 10:00 AM EST.

To Register, click on the link below:

Please join the NRRA Staff for this members-only 3 part audio/video internet webinar:

1. It’s Not Just The Dump Anymore
2. What Every Solid Waste Manager Should (Needs) To Know
3. Things Are Changing … Plan for Flexibility

This webinar is approved for NH DES Continuing Ed Credits.

If you are not a member, but want to attend, you can contact the NRRA office at or call 1-800-223-0150.

Please note, first time users of GoToWebinar will need a couple extra minutes (5-10 minutes) for the program to set up.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
View System Requirements


Transfer Station/Facility Access

LockboxThe next time anyone who is authorized to be on your site shows up and needs to gain access this lockbox will save all kinds of time. Drivers forget keys, show up on the wrong dates, and sometimes can only be there at a time when no one is available. This gives you full control by changing keys in the box as well as the combination to the box itself. For under $30 NRRA strongly recommends that you consider this for your access control mechanism versus the alternatives which have on several occasions been found not to work too well.



Save the Date: Talkin’ Trash 2.0

Just a sneak peek ahead. The “Official”  announcement will be coming in the next Full Of swanaScrap. Back by popular demand, “Talkin Trash New England ” April 17. The six New England States face Municipal Solid Waste issues every day including contract renewals. What does the future hold for trash in NE?  A panel  comprised of State Regulators will discuss what they see for the future. Stay tuned……..

Solid Waste Association of North America – Northern New England & Northeast Resource Recovery Association ebc

Friday April 17, 2015
Public Service of New Hampshire
Energy Park
780 North Commercial StreetHeader-2013.jpg
Manchester, New Hampshire (tentative)



Plastic in the oceans

As we discussed at our Conference last year this is not going away anytime soon. We endanger the food chain and the environment at our own peril.

Study: World dumps 8.8 million tons of plastics into oceans

By: Bob Wallace
Principal & Vice President of Client Solutions – WIH Resource Group –

Each year about 8.8 million tons of plastic ends up in the world oceans, a quantity much higher than previous estimates, according to a new study that tracked marine debris from its source.

That’s the equivalent of five grocery bags full of plastic debris dotting each foot of coastline around the world, said study lead author Jenna Jambeck, an environment engineering professor at the University of Georgia.

And if the biggest polluters, mostly developing Asian countries, don’t clean up how they throw stuff away, Jambeck projects that by 2025 the total accumulated plastic trash in the oceans will reach around 170 million tons. That’s based on population trends and continued waste management disposal problems, although there may be some early signs of change, she said.

More than half of the plastic waste that flows into the oceans comes from just five countries: China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. The only industrialized western country on the list of top 20 plastic polluters is the United States at No. 20. The U.S. and Europe are not mismanaging their collected waste, so the plastic trash coming from those countries is due to litter, researchers said.

While China is responsible for 2.4 million tons of plastic that makes its way into the ocean, nearly 28 percent of the world total, the United States contributes just 77,000 tons, which is less than 1 percent, according to the study published Thursday in the journal Science. This is mostly because developed countries have systems to trap and collect plastic waste, Jambeck said.

‘We need to wake up and see our waste,’ Jambeck said. ‘I think the problem in some ways has sort of snuck up around us.’

The amount of plastics estimated going into the water is equal to how much tuna is fished year, so ‘we are taking out tuna and putting in plastic,’ study co-author Kara Lavendar Law said in a press conference at the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference.

Nancy Wallace, who is head of the marine debris program for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said plastic waste in the water is a crucial worldwide issue because it is eaten by sea life and it also collects ocean toxins. There’s also a clean-up cost and it affects tourism, she said.

Unlike previous studies which looked at the plastic in the oceans, Jambeck used World Bank statistics on 192 countries’ waste streams to track and estimate plastic pollution from the source. She examined how much waste is generated and the percentage that to reaches the oceans.

Jambeck’s estimates were for 2010 and ranged between 5 and 14 million tons of plastic, with 8.8 million tons the middle scenario estimate.

Previous estimates were less than 1 million tons but those were based on samples. Scientists know that much can be hidden in the bottom of the ocean and in places researchers don’t get to. Last year Andrés Cózar of the University of Cadiz in Spain estimated the waste at about 35,000 tons based on samples, but he said the new Jambeck work adds important information to the puzzle of debris. And Cozar said his team acknowledged that ’99 percent of the ocean’s plastic is missing.’




Special Guest Speaker at Next NRRA M.O.M Meeting

Harding Metals LogoEds from Harding Metal was happy to be invited to be our Spotlight Vendor at our March 11th MOM Meeting and present a ½ hr. workshop on non-ferrous recycling between 9 – 9:30 AM.  We hope to see you there!


Members Helping Members

Hello All,

At the February MOM meeting the topic of the (NH DES) Annual Facility Report for Transfer Stations was brought up.
There were a few of us who noticed that on the last page where we indicate that we have a Used Oil Burner, DES wanted us to write down our EPA number, which we didn’t know. I called Doug Kemp yesterday to follow up on this because I wanted to finalize my report and get it sent in before I forgot about it. He called me back and gave me the name and phone number for Maria Michel, who is the Data Processing Supervisor. I spoke with her this morning (2/25) and she was able to give me our EPA ID number. Therefore, for those of you who need this information you can reach Maria at 603-271-3203. Hope this helps!!

Have a great day!!

Whitney Malcolm
Highway Administrative Assistant
Town of Northfield



Plastic Gaylords Available For Sale!

plastic_gaylordNRRA is taking orders for these 43”W x 36”H x 32”D gaylords. They are very durable and great for storage of aluminum cans, steel cans, plastics, or paper.
Filled with cans or plastic, they are light enough to move by hand or can be stacked two high! And, although they are lightweight, they are extremely strong and have a top that can also act as a bottom to add strength and extend life expectancy.

NRRA has already received orders for 28 of these gaylords, but we need reach a minimum of 40. Any takers? Cost $116/ea without lid, $134/ea with lid (as pictured above).


NRRA Annual Compost Bin Sale –Deadline for Orders/Participation is March 13th!!

All four picture Compost Bin Sale Items

Did you know?

*In 2012, 27.6% of waste sent to landfills consisted of food and yard waste, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The use of backyard composting systems by residents can divert this waste and help residents benefit from fresh compost.

* It is also possible to conserve municipal water supplies and cut household water bills by up to 40% with backyard rain barrels. Rain water, free from chlorine and water treatment
chemicals, is an excellent water source for lawns, plants and gardens.

Now is the time to do your part to help the environment. Participating in NRRA’s annual compost bin sale is a great way to do this! You can either do a straight sale or use this as a fundraiser for your group or organization.
It’s quick and easy. Just go to

1. Download your participation packet and send us your participation form. Upon receipt,
NRRA will send you a customized order form and poster that you can use to promote
your sale.

2. Collect orders until March 13, 2015. Download group order form from the website
and send to NRRA no later than 4:00 p.m. on March 13th.

3. Orders will be shipped directly to your group between April 13th and April 17th – in plenty of time to distribute for Earth Day!

Be sure to read the overview of the sale on the website for minimum order requirements, delivery and other important details about the sale.


Exhibitor & Sponsor Registration is NOW OPEN!!

2015 NRRA Conference Announcement Pic

  • To Download the PDF (writable) Exhibitor & Sponsor Registration Form, Click HERE
  • For On-Line Exhibitor Registration Form, Click HERE
  • For On-Line Sponsor Registration Form, Click HERE

We are proud to invite you to sponsor and/or exhibit at NRRA’s 34th Annual Conference and Expo – June 8th and 9th, 2015 at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, NH. This event is nationally recognized as the one recycling conference in the Northeast that should not be missed. Exhibiting at this Conference & Expo is more than just advertising; it provides you with much higher visibility and also recognizes your role as a leader in the recycling industry in New England.

Activities Planned Specifically for you:

• Golf – Kick off your attendance by joining us for a round of golf on Sunday afternoon. Price is $85/person and includes a golf cart and tax. Transportation to/from the course is on your own. See additional details and registration information on the attached form.

• Sunday Night Welcoming Social – Exhibitor and Sponsor – Thank You
Join us on Sunday night from 6:30-8:30 p.m. for an invitation only social. NRRA Staff and Board welcome you as our way of saying thank you for all of your support and participation. Upon checking in, you will receive two complimentary drink tickets. Enjoy a variety of hors d’oeuvres and good conversation. Just RSVP on your attached registration form. We hope you will join us.

• After Hours with the Vendors – For All Conference Attendees Monday night from 4:30- 6:00 p.m. we will again hold “after hours with the vendors” in the exhibit hall. Hors d’oeuvres will be served along with a cash bar and entertainment.

Back by Popular Demand: Hospitality Tickets, Best Booth Award & Spin the Wheel for Discount!

1. Hospitality Tickets – All vendors will be given the opportunity to purchase packs of 10 drink tickets to give out during the day on Monday to attendees stopping by your booth. This will give attendees an incentive to return to the exhibit hall Monday evening for the after- hours social. Just sign up on your registration form to purchase these tickets.

2. “Best Booth Award” – Attendees will vote for the best booth on their “Talk To” forms when they visit your booth during the day on Monday. The Best Booth 2015 winner will be announced at 5:30 PM, and a prize will be awarded at that time.

3. “Spin the Wheel and Win”- All vendors who advertise on the Special Spinning Wheel will get one shot at the “Booth Discount” for 2016. We will spin the wheel to select a vendor right before awarding the Best Booth Winner! There is no charge to sign up to be on the wheel; however, space is limited and is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Vendors must agree to provide prizes for up to 100 attendees (something different than your ordinary give aways. Please no alcoholic beverages may be given as a prize) in order to participate. Be sure to register on the attached form to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Along with direct one-on-one contact with over 500 attendees, the following popular returning activities are all geared toward maximizing your opportunity to interact with attendees and promote your company/organization:

Tub Raffle – A twist on the ever popular “two day swap shop sale” held in the Exhibit Hall
“Talk-To- Ticket” to encourage traffic at your booth
All refreshment breaks and other activities will be scheduled in the exhibit hall

If you have questions or want more information about becoming an Exhibitor or Sponsor, please call Marilyn Weir or Mike Durfor.

Speaking of Golf…….

2015 Golf Invite



Surprise Entertainer Booked for 2015  NRRA School Conference Awards Luncheon!

Jack GoldenNRRA and The School CLUB is very excited to announce that we have confirmed that Jack Golden, an exceptional environmental entertainer, will present at the 2015 Conference Awards Luncheon held on June 9th at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, NH.  Jack offers an inspiring, educational and hilarious performance called “Garbage is My Bag.”  In this award winning show Jack Golden is the comedic expert, Dr. T. With a Ph.D. in Garbology, a zany and irresistible personality and a marvelous Trash-to-Treasure recycling machine, he juggles and jokes his way through a world of waste, while sharing his knowledge that rubbish is a resource too good to throw away.

You won’t want to miss this fun-filled and informative performance so keep watching for registration information as it becomes available!

For more information about Jack’s many programs, visit:


Keene Students Help with Wastewater PSA

A recent “Don’t Flush That” Public Service Announcement that Keene Wastewater Treatment Plant worked on with Keene High School’s Film Studies Students is an entertaining way of discovering what can and cannot be flushed!

**Note** If you are having trouble viewing the video above, try following this link:


Now Accepting Nominations for the Annual School Recycling Awards

2015 CLUB Conf LogoNominate a School, Green Team, Student, Faculty Member, Event or Facility Person
for a Recycling Award!

Does your School have an individual, program or an event that deserves recognition for outstanding work in recycling? NRRA and the School CLUB will be giving out awards in each category listed below. Click Here for the nomination form or for more information about the conference, go to HTTP:// or email

• School Recycler of the Year
• Rookie Recycler of the year
• Best Composter
• Most Profitable Recycling Program
• Outstanding Recycling Fundraiser
• 2014-15 Student Recycler of the Year
• Outstanding Recycling Innovation in a School
• Outstanding Community Involvement
• Facilities Staff Recycling Innovation in a School
• Teacher Recycler of the Year
• Cafeteria Staff Recycler of the Year
• Best Earth Day/Recycling Event 2014-15

Hurry, the deadline for award nominations is April 1st!!  Don’t miss this opportunity to recognize your recycling inspiration!




Grants Program for NH Municipalities

Do you need equipment for your facility?  All New Hampshire municipalities are eligible to apply for grants toward the purchase price of recycling equipment.  For more information or to apply for a grant, go to, print & fill out the form and fax it to 603-736-4402.  If you do not have access to the internet, please give us a call, and we can fax or mail a form to you.


Blue Bags Available Soon – Order Yours Now!

Blue Bag Picture
Once again NH the Beautiful will be providing blue bags to communities in NH free of charge.  Since 2007 a total of 565,650 bags have been donated for litter clean-up efforts in New Hampshire. If your community is organizing a litter clean-up day and you would like to take advantage of this program, please fill out the order form and return to the NRRA office.   Click here for the order form and more information.


NH the Beautiful Provides FREE Facility Signs

Bradford Thank You for Recycling SignAll NH municipalities are eligible to apply for FREE facility signs.  NHtB has been providing professional looking signs for NH municipalities since 1983.  Under the NHtB Sign Program, New Hampshire Municipalities are all eligible to apply for signs (60 points each fiscal year or until funds run out).  The NHtB fiscal year runs November 1-October 31.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Stacey at 603-736-4401 x.10. To maximize your points, you can also order “recycled” signs or overlays for existing signs!

For a complete list of sign options and to order signs, click here  Complete Sign Packet.  Simply print the forms you need, mail or fax them to 603-736-4402.

Please NOTE!!! You can only use points to order signs that are on the list.  Words can be removed, but nothing can be added.  Custom signs are available for purchase.  Contact the NRRA for details.


NHtB Also has Clear Stream Containers and 14-Gallon Recycling Bins for Sale at Discounted Prices 

Click the links below to find out how you can get yours!


Click here for ClearStream info.


Click here for Bin info.


Visit NH the Beautiful on Facebook and Twitter

facebook like To see all the latest that NH the Beautiful is doing for NH check out their Facebook Page! Click the following link –

 We are also on Twitter and Instagram

NH the Beautiful, Inc. (NHtB) is a private non-profit charitable trust founded in 1983 and supported by the soft drink, malt beverage, and grocery industries of New Hampshire. By offering municipal recycling grants (over $2.5 million) and signs, anti-litter programs, and technical assistance to recycling programs, NHtB is a unique organization that represents a voluntarily-funded alternative to expensive legislation intended to achieve the same end results.  NHtB supports the NRRA School Education Program (the Club).  The Northeast Resource Recovery Association ( administers the New Hampshire the Beautiful programs.




The NH DES Operator Certification Rules became effective July 1 and are linked HERE.  If you have any questions, contact either NRRA or NH DES directly.  To visit the link for the NH DES new Solid Waste Operator Applications and upcoming workshops visit:


NH DES Annual Facility Reports

Solid Waste Facilities are required by their permit and Env-Sw 1105.07(b) to submit an Annual Facility Report to DES by March 31 of each year. The purpose of this report is to enhance environmental compliance and to collect data for reports to the Legislature, including tracking progress in reaching the state’s 40 % landfill diversion goal. In addition, DES uses the information to determine where more regulatory oversight might be needed or which topics to include in operator training.

The DES forms request all the required information and allow compilation of the data. Please review the list and select the form that corresponds with your facility type. Using facility records, complete the form and submit it to: Solid Waste Compliance Assurance Section, NHDES, P.O. Box 95, Concord, NH 03302. For more information, contact staff at 271-2925 or

To View and Download the 2014 Annual Facility Report Forms, click HERE.


Annual Solid Waste Facility Reports (One Hour Mini Workshop)

March 12, NHDES is offering a NEW workshop designed for Solid Waste Facility Operators who are responsible for completing a 2014 Annual Facility Report (AFR) for their solid waste facility. Attendees will work in small groups to complete their AFR with the help of an instructor. Attendees should bring waste and recyclable receipts and shipment records, a list of employees and certification status, and a copy of the facility’s permit. It is recommended that attendees also bring a copy of their 2013 AFR. Other paperwork may be needed to complete the 2014 AFR, so before the workshop, attendees should review the current AFR forms at:

The workshop is being offered three times: from 8:30-9:30am, 11:30am-12:30pm and from 2:00-3:00pm. The workshop time will count toward continuing professional development.


Reduce, Reuse and yes, Recycle those plastic bags…

ban plastic bagsFirst of all, let’s make it perfectly clear that the solution to plastic bag pollution is to eliminate or reduce the use of this type of packaging whenever possible. But sometimes plastic is unavoidable. It seems like plastic packaging is everywhere. The good news is the process of recycling has made it possible to create something new from most of the waste we generate. Plastic bags are no exception, and not just those single-use grocery and retail bags, but also bread and produce bags, sandwich bags, the overwrap on paper products such as toilet paper, paper towels and even plastic cereal box liners. There are a few items, such as “biodegrad- able” or “compostable” bags, frozen food bags, and crinkly or foil-type bags for chips and other goodies, that are not included in this waste stream. Generally, if the plastic film stretches when you pull it with your fingers, it’s okay to re- cycle it at certain designated locations. When cleaned, dried and brought back to participating stores, these items can be combined with recycled wood products and made into the plastic lumber used to make decks or reprocessed into pellets or resin used to make new bags, pallets, containers, crates and even pipes.
Recycle Responsibly
Plastic bags and thin film plastics are troublesome for most recycling facilities. These items are considered ‘contamination’ of single stream recycling, not only jamming up sorting machines but also resulting in higher hauling rates for municipalities when there is a large percentage of them in the single stream collection. The bags and film can be difficult wastes to recycle because they need to be clean, dry and sent to a recycling facility specifically designed for them. In fact, many foreign countries, U.S. cities and the State of Hawaii have even placed a ban on plastic bags at retail outlets.  Plastic pollution is a huge problem for the environment so avoid the use of unnecessary plastic when possible. If you do end up with a collection of plastic bags and plastic film items, do not throw these items in with your plastic or single stream recycling. Make sure they are clean and dry, then stuff them in a plastic bag from the grocery or retail store and place into bins located in participating stores.
Reduce the amount of plastic you consume by choosing items that use the least amount of packaging and by using reusable tote bags. Reuse or re-purpose the bags as much as possible and when all else fails, recycle those bags properly!
For more information on how and where to recycle this waste, check out: s01dropoff.html


Continuing Professional Development for Certified Solid Waste Facility Operators

Certified solid waste facility operators must attend or participate in 2.5 hours of relevant continuing professional development each year to keep their certification current. This typically means attending at least one training event such as a workshop or conference. Operators must submit written confirmation of attendance with their renewal application for trainings not provided by DES. Credit will generally be given for continuing professional development that offers information about and increases awareness of environmental, waste management operations, and health or safety issues.

DES offers workshops to meet the 2.5 hour per year requirement of continuing professional development, but also accepts relevant training from other organizations. Please click HERE for some current training opportunities. DES updates their web page when new workshops are scheduled, so check back often to find new postings.



Good Point Recycling to Host E-Cycles Training

goodpoint-nrra logos

Webinar Announcement
Good Point Recycling is pleased to announce an E-cycles training webinar to be held on March 18th, 2015 at 10 AM. All operators involved in any aspect of the Vermont E-Cycles program are invited and encouraged to attend, particularly recent hires or anyone new to the program. Discussion topics at the meetings will cover proper handling, labeling, storage and identification of covered and banned electronic devices as well as other pertinent information to the program. To register, please respond to Nathan Hill at

Can a commercial transporter bring “Electronic Waste” to a collection location for free?
A transporter who collects electronic waste can bring up to seven electronic waste devices to a collection location and it will be presumed to be from a covered entity; however, the program will not pay transportation costs from the covered entity to the collection location. Transporters who only collect electronic waste from covered entities are not considered a “collector” under the e-waste law, nor do they have to register as a transporter unless they transport computers, monitors, printers, televisions or peripherals for collectors or recyclers.

~Nathan Hill, Good Point Recycling




Fifty-three Percent of U.S. Households Now Have Access to Carton Recycling

DENTON, Texas—The Carton Council of North America has reported that carton recycling access continued to grow significantly in 2014, thanks to collaborative industry efforts and support from communities nationwide. Access expanded to an additional three states, as well as 6.1 million households across the country, and now more than 53 percent of households across 48 states can recycle their food and beverage cartons through local curbside recycling and drop-off programs. This momentum is continuing through 2015, as more than 500,000 new households were added to the count in January alone.

Over the past six years, carton recycling access has grown 194 percent, and now more than 62.4 million U.S. households can recycle cartons through their community recycling programs. Since 2009, the Carton Council, a group of carton manufacturers united to deliver long-term collaborative solutions in order to divert valuable cartons from the landfill, has worked with recycling industry stakeholders and communities to build infrastructure and improve access to carton recycling nationwide.

“It is clear by our continued progress that carton recycling is becoming more mainstream carton recycling chartacross the country,” said Jason Pelz, vice president of recycling projects for the Carton Council of North America and vice president, environment, Tetra Pak North America. “Carton packaging is increasing in popularity across different categories, and consumers expect to be able to recycle them.”

The Carton Council commitment to growing access takes a holistic approach. This includes technical assistance, grants where and when they are needed and consumer education support. These pieces fit together to help prevent cartons from going to landfills.

“More communities and recycling sorting facilities are seeing the value that cartons bring to their programs, including added convenience for residents and access to high-quality fiber with ready end markets,” said Pelz.

Made mainly from paper, a renewable resource, lightweight and compact in design and with a low carbon footprint, cartons have proven to be a sustainable packaging solution that is growing in use for a variety of food and beverage products. Including cartons as an accepted material in every community recycling program offers a better, more cost-efficient option than other proposed recovery solutions.

For more information, visit

The Carton Council is composed of four leading carton manufacturers, Elopak, SIG Combibloc, Evergreen Packaging and Tetra Pak, as well as an associate member, Weyerhaeuser. Formed in 2009, the Carton Council works to deliver long-term collaborative solutions in order to divert valuable cartons from the landfill. Through a united effort, the Carton Council is committed to building a sustainable infrastructure for carton recycling nationwide and works toward their continual goal of adding access to carton recycling throughout the U.S. For more information, visit



For Sale

For Sale BalerIPS Model AT965HS100 Auto Tie Baler
One (1) IPS Model AT965HS100 Auto Tie Baler, 100 HP power unit, built in January 2001. The baler will need to be removed from the facility. Asking Price is $65,000.00. More Pictures are available upon request.  Contact NRRA if interested or if you would like more information.  (


Gaylord Boxes – thru NRRA’s Cooperative Purchasing Program
Gaylords (Corrugated) available for pickup thru NRRA in Wolfeboro NH.
Please contact Marilyn, Mike or Bonnie at 1-800-223-0150





  • March 5th: NH the Beautiful Meeting at NRRA Offices (Rescheduled from 2/19/15)

  • March 11th: M.O.M Meeting- 9:00 a.m. at the NRRA Office

  • March 11th: NRRA Board Meeting-10:30 a.m. at the NRRA Office

  • March 13th: Deadline for collecting Compost Bin Orders.  All Orders must be submitted to NRRA no later than 4:00 p.m.

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