March 2017 – Full of Scrap

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  • From the Director’s Chair – Organics & Composting Stakeholder Meeting Rescheduled, Talkin’ Trash 4.0, NRRA Conference Brochure now available, Register today!
  • NRRA News-Compost Bin Sale – Orders due by 3/24, March Pricing now available
  • School News You Can Use – Sneak Peek at the 2017 School Conference Schedule, NRRA School CLUB introduces New Curricula,  SWIP & Outreach updates
  • NH The Beautiful – Litter Free NH Blue Bags-Get your FREE Bags today!
  • NH DES – Annual Facility Reports are due 3/31/17, Save Paper Towels, Discover Wild NH Day
  • Massachusetts News – Unifi Partners with Boston Bruins to boost recycling
  • National News – Dell to use ocean plastics in product packaging & Who’s winning the war on Plastic Bag Bans?
  • Classifieds
  • NRRA Calendar

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~Recycling Tip of the Day~

Labels on the steel cans do not have to be removed since they are burned off during the melting process. 



Shamrock_Recycle_LogoBlizzard of 2017 —-from Snow White to St Pat’s-Go Green!

“A blizzard is a severe snowstorm characterized by strong sustained winds of at least 35 mph and lasting for a prolonged period of time—typically three hours or more. “  Wikipedia

A rare weather event that disrupts thousands of flights and countless hours of workflow. When it knocks out power, then, even those who can work from home are forced to shut down. Left to smart phones, which are limited without the ability to recharge, the communications that the world has come to rely upon has to face a few hours the old fashioned way. Do a puzzle or read a book by an oil lamp!

This most recent storm provides perspective on all our normal routines and just like weather events of all types, the recycling markets have their own patterns and they change constantly. Record high fiber winds blow hot while, plastics border on near frigid low values. Scrap metal and aluminum soar while the prices for haul rates continue to be volatile.

Throughout the turbulence of the weather and the markets, NRRA stays at the helm of the good ship of sustainability and keeps a firm but gentle hand on the rudder to steer all of the member’s recyclables to environmental markets, and continue to mount a vigorous outreach education program at the same time.

Upcoming events speak to the work of NRRA. Due to the storm, the Organic Composting Stakeholder meeting had to be rescheduled to 9AM April 5, 2017 at the NHDES Auditorium at Hazen Drive in Concord. The larger venue will allow the entire wait listed registrants to be accommodated as long as they reconfirm with the office. Maximum for this event is 100 attendees and we are already over 75 so if you do want to attend register ASAP.

UPDATED Organics & Composting Notice

Hot on the heels of talking about organics and composting, Talking Trash 4.0 is Friday April 7 at the Eversource facility in Manchester. Go to EBC website to register.  Space is limited so register soon to be a part of this event!

EBC/SWANA/NRRA Program: “Talkin’ Trash” – Fourth Annual Conference on Solid Waste Management in Northern New England

nrra ebc swana

When:  April 7, 2017 @ 7:30 am – 12:00 pm

Where: Eversource Energy, 780 N. Commercial Street, Manchester, NH  03101

Managing solid waste in New England continues to evolve into a rapidly growing challenge due to several issues including:

  • Diminishing disposal capacity
  • Closing facilities
  • Extreme difficulties in siting new facilities
  • Growing public demand toward zero waste
  • Combined with a lag in new feasible technology
  • Growing pressure to increase recycling, including food waste recovery

This EBC– SWANA – NRRA Solid Waste program will focus on the evolving state of solid waste management in Northern New England. Speakers will give their perspectives on what the next 5 years will look like in the Solid Waste Industry. Issues to be discussed include existing and planned solid waste capacities, new and developing initiatives, market prices and trends. The program will pull together all the major waste management players in northern New England and will draw on expertise from SWANA, NRRA and EBC. Don’t miss this must attend program.

A light breakfast and lunch are included in the registration.

Continuing Education Certificates are awarded by the EBC for this program (3.5 training contact hours). Please select this option during registration if you wish to receive a certificate.

For SWANA Certified Professionals – CEUs are available. Contact the EBC for the application form. If you have any questions, please call 1-800 GO SWANA or email

Program Co-Chairs

  • David Murphy, Vice President, Tighe & Bond
  • Mike Durfor, Executive Director, Northeast Resource Recovery Association
  • Kevin Roche, General Manager, ecomaine; President, SWANA Northern New England Chapter

Speakers to be announced.

For more details CLICK HERE

NRRA Annual Conference Update

April 12 will be the last MOM meeting in Epsom until June.   May 22 and 23 are the dates for the 36th Annual Conference and Expo in Manchester at the newly remodeled Radisson Hotel. The lineup of workshops, special events and the Keynote speakers is on the brochure with additions daily. This expo will be packed with workshops on cutting edge topics from around New England and beyond. On line Registration is open now so sign up early and don’t miss out on the savings. (Click on image of brochure below to see the entire line up of workshops and events!)

2017-web_thumbnailAll the while we are working on these initiatives we are pressing along with USDA grant work on LDPE, Organics, Electronics and Mercury devices. Those of you who receive survey requests please take a few minutes to fill them out so we can proceed effectively on this year long study. Many Thanks



2017 NRRA COMPOST BIN SALE.. Order Deadline Approaching!

All four picture Compost Bin Sale ItemsBack by popular demand, NRRA is pleased to announce that we have begun our Annual Compost Bin Sale this year!!  We took last year off due to other commitments but are prepared to offer this sale again this year as we have received many requests to do so.  We are now taking participation forms so be sure to get your in soon!  If we don’t get enough participants, we may have to cancel the sale!  This sale makes an excellent fundraiser for your school, garden club, recycling committee or any other group that wishes to celebrate Earth Day 2017 while earning some funds for their organization and supporting a good cause!  If you wish to be added to our Compost Bin Sale Mailing List, please email Stacey Morrison at 

Click Here for the 2017 Information and Participation Packet

Due to transportation/logistics, all orders must be made in full pallets. (See participation packet for pallet sizes/counts).  If you are unable to commit to ordering full pallets, we encourage you to work with another group in your town/area and share the order.

We will be collecting orders through Friday, March 24th, 2017.  All payments collected by you should be made out to your group.  Final payment to NRRA should be made in one check from your group to NRRA.

It is your choice whether you sell these at cost or use this event as a fundraiser.  Even if you are selling at the fundraiser prices, pricing for all items is still well below retail costs.  So unlike other fundraisers, you are offering a great value for the dollar.


NRRA’S 36th Annual Conference-Update

5.167X6.25_CWe’ve been hard at work making sure that this year’s conference is another huge success!  A lot of ground has been covered in the past month so be sure to frequently visit our Conference Page for updates and new information!  Here’s a few highlights of all things NRRA Conference Related:

  • Exhibitors & Sponsors Wanted:  We recently sent out our Call for Exhibitors & Sponsors.  If you or someone you know is interested in hosting an exhibit booth at this year’s conference, please be sure to call Marilyn Weir, 736-4401 ext. 11 or fill our newly updated Exhibitor-Sponsor Online Registration form
  • Ad Space Available!  If you or someone you know is interested in placing an ad in our 2017 conference program, please let us know!  This is a great way to advertise your business while supporting NRRA!
  • Conference Media Partners:  We would like to thank to following trade magazines for helping us promote our conference:  American Recycler, BioCycle, Construction & Demo RecyclingRecycling Today, Resource Recycling, Waste Advantage and Waste Today.  To learn more about any of these publications click on their name to be linked to their website!
  • Annual NRRA Tub Auction:  If you attended last year’s conference you may remember this activity.  It was a very popular and successful fundraiser for our organization.  All proceeds (100%) are put back into NRRA marketing and educational programs.  We recently sent out requests to local (and a few National) retail, dining and entertainment businesses asking for donation items that we will then use to create baskets, or in some cases, “gift packages” that we then use in our silent auction.  We ask that if any of you would like to make a donation to this auction of any new item, cash donation, gift card etc., please email us at  No amount is too big or too small and all donations are tax deductible.
  • 2017 Registration Brochure:  Is now available!!!  click HERE to register online today!!  If you prefer the PDF registration form that you can download, fill out and return to us via email, click here.   Whichever registration method you prefer, do it soon! Early bird & Special Value Package Pricing ends on April 17th!


March 2017 Pricing is Now Available-Members only!

PricingThe NRRA March 2017 Pricing guide is now available!  To access the March NRRA Pricing guide CLICK HERE. This document is secured with a password, please contact Stacey at if you need the password.    NRRA Members who have a username and password for our website can access the pricing guide, as well as past pricing guides, directly through the website simply by signing in to our site!

March is shaping up to be another strong month for the recycled scrap markets. Fiber grades are up again for the sixth consecutive month. OCC is up significantly ($40/ton!!!!), largely due to undersupplied domestic mills that are hungry for material. At $180+ per ton, OCC hasn’t seen prices this high since the mid 1990’s. Likewise, mixed paper continues its steady climb, currently hovering around $90+ per ton (up $10 per ton over February). Hard guessing how long this trend will continue with fibers, but we’ll take it while we can get it. Some market analysts expect the market to cool some by late March/early April. On the metals front, ferrous grades such as light iron and steel cans have recovered a bit, but if recent history is any guide, prices may drop again at any moment. We hope that at the very least the ferrous markets hold for once. Meanwhile, aluminum and other nonferrous grades have remained fairly steady overall. And plastics, which have seen fairly flat prices for some time now, finally saw significant pricing increases on several grades, especially HDPE.



Sneak Peek at the School CLUB Conference Schedule:


We have lined up our speakers and workshops for the School CLUB Conference on May 23!  Prepare to be amazed! From composting to student leadership to planning your Earth Day celebration – we have something for everyone!

Of course we’ll have activities, exhibits, games and our Mini-TOLD to round out a full day of activities!

To help with the registration fee, NH schools may apply for Conference Registration Grants throughNHtB Logo Green NH the Beautiful!

Ready to register? 

Schools may register their group on one Registration Page.  However, please attach a separate list including all the printed names and designations (teacher, student, principal, etc.) for the Conference Badges.

 Click HERE to download the School Conference Registration Page!




Introducing our New Curricula . . .


















Classic K-12 Recycling Activities with 21st Century Standards

NRRA’s School CLUB is pleased to announce that the newest editions of their school curricula 3R’s of the Common Core: A Teacher’s Resource Guide to Solid Waste and Recycling and Teaching Toxics: Creating Solutions to Household Pollution are ready for distribution! The former Association of Vermont Recyclers (AVR), a leader in Vermont recycling education programs, originally created these publications 25 years ago. In 2012, the CLUB assumed ownership of AVR’s school resources and materials. Last year, NRRA received funding from a USDA Rural Development grant program to update this outstanding curriculum.  It now aligns with the national common core standards and is non-state specific. The intent was to correlate the standards to the lesson plans as originally written. This proved to be an incorrect assumption. Most of the lessons were revised and the Information and Resources sections upgraded, but the authors upheld the original concepts and objectives.

Everyone who participated in the teacher trainings held during the production of the new editions will be receiving their training packets (CLUB classroom workshop modules including TT and the 3R’s) very soon. We thank you for your patience and participation in helping us develop NRRA’s Train the Teachers program. Anyone else interested in this program and receiving Teaching Toxics: Creating Solutions to Household Pollution and the 3R’s of the Common Core: A Teacher’s Resource Guide to Solid Waste and Recycling, please contact NRRA Programs Coordinator, Gwen Erley, at


Rutland County SWAC SWIP Outreach Begins

Free Star Assessments for Schools

Vermont – NRRA’s School Recycling CLUB began our school outreach efforts on behalf of the Rutland County Solid Waste Alliance Communities (RCSWAC). We met with six Rutland County schools on March 1 & 2. Our goal is to assist with Act 148, Universal Recycling compliance.

RCSWAC Member towns include:  Benson, Chittendon, Fair Haven, Middletown Springs, Pawlet, Rutland Town, Shrewsbury, Sudbury, Tinmouth and West Haven.

School outreach consists of a Star Assessment and School Recycling Scorecard.  There is no cost to the schools thanks to  RCSWAC is funding.

We are scheduling appointments for the final four (not NCAA) schools for a one hour walk through after March 15.  To get on the schedule, please contact The CLUB at

White River Alliance Solid Waste District SWIP Work Continues

Free School Workshops and Technical Assistance

Vermont – We continue to provide workshops to schools in the White River Alliance Solid Waste District in Eastern/Central, VT.

Alliance communities include:  Barnard, Bethel, Granville, Hancock, Pittsfield, Rochester, Royalton and Stockbridge.

School outreach consists of four workshops and two technical assistance trainings. These are being paid for by the Alliance so there is no cost to the schools


To view these and other great school recycling related articles, view this month’s issue of School News You Can Use




NH the Beautiful Litter Free NH/Blue Bag Program-Order your FREE bags today!

Is your community planning a Spring clean-up effort or event? NH the Beautiful offers litter free NH Blue Bags for FREE to NH communities.

litter_bagsNH the Beautiful is once again providing blue bags for litter clean up. Bags are available to communities in NH. Nonprofit and other community groups are asked to coordinate your efforts with your town, and the town must submit the order forms.

All orders should be submitted to NRRA via fax or email (see info below). Bags will still be picked up at the NRRA office at 2101 Dover Road in Epsom.

If you are interested in ordering blue bags, please fill out an order form and mail, email or fax it directly to NRRA. A sign packet can be found HERE or by visiting the NH the Beautiful Website.  *Limit 10 Cases per Town.


NH The Beautiful now offers 18 Gallon Curb Side Recycling Bins as well as ClearStream Containers (and replacement bags).

Click the links below to find out how you can get yours!



Click HERE for Curb side Recycling Bin Info-please note bin pricing has increased ONLY MINIMALLY ($0.20) due to the increase in the size of the bins



Click HERE for ClearStream Recyclers & Bag Info


Grants Program for NH Municipalities

Do you need equipment for your facility? A Floor Scale?  Storage Containers? 

All New Hampshire municipalities are eligible to apply for grants toward the purchase price of recycling equipment.  For more information or to apply for a grant, go to, print & fill out the form and fax it to 603-736-4402.  If you do not have access to the internet, please give us a call, and we can fax or mail a form to you.  The next NH the Beautiful Board Meeting will be in February 2017.


NH the Beautiful Provides FREE Facility Signs

Bradford Thank You for Recycling SignAll NH municipalities are eligible to apply for FREE facility signs.  NHtB has been providing professional looking signs for NH municipalities since 1983.  Under the NHtB Sign Program, New Hampshire Municipalities are all eligible to apply for signs (60 points each fiscal year or until funds run out).  The NHtB fiscal year runs November 1-October 31.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Stacey at 603-736-4401 x.20. To maximize your points, you can also order “recycled” signs or overlays for existing signs!

For a complete list of sign options and to order signs, click here  Complete Sign Packet.  Simply print the forms you need, mail or fax them to 603-736-4402.

Please NOTE!!! You can only use points to order signs that are on the list.  Words can be removed, but nothing can be added.  Custom signs are available for purchase.  Contact the NRRA for details.



Visit NH the Beautiful on Facebook and Twitter

facebook like To see all the latest that NH the Beautiful is doing for NH check out their Facebook Page! Click the following link –

 We are also on Twitter and Instagram

NH the Beautiful, Inc. (NHtB) is a private non-profit charitable trust founded in 1983 and supported by the soft drink, malt beverage, and grocery industries of New Hampshire. By offering municipal recycling grants (over $2.5 million) and signs, anti-litter programs, and technical assistance to recycling programs, NHtB is a unique organization that represents a voluntarily-funded alternative to expensive legislation intended to achieve the same end results.  NHtB supports the NRRA School Education Program (the Club).  The Northeast Resource Recovery Association ( administers the New Hampshire the Beautiful programs.




 Annual Facility Reports

The Annual Facility Report (AFR) form for active solid waste facilities is now available (see below).  Please note that the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) has revised the AFR form and there is only one report form for all active solid waste facilities, regardless of type. Solid waste facilities in New Hampshire are required by their permit and Env-Sw 1105.07(b) to submit an Annual Facility Report to NHDES by March 31 of each year. The purpose of the AFR for active solid waste facilities is to inform NHDES of solid waste management activities occurring at your facility. The AFR assists NHDES in its mission to help sustain a high quality of life for all citizens by protecting the environment and public health of New Hampshire.

Use your facility records to complete the form and submit it to: NHDES, Waste Management Division, Solid Waste Management Bureau, P.O. Box 95, Concord, NH 03302-0095. For more information, contact staff at (603) 271-2925 or

The 2016 Annual Facility Report  form can be found at the link below:

Annual Facility Report form for Active Solid Waste Facilities Microsoft Word Symbol


Shake and Fold, and Save 571 Million Paper Towels

This month we share with you a waste-reducing tactic that is genius in its simplicity, and yet the result is anything but simple. Just remember these three words: Shake and Fold.

This method has the potential to revolutionize our public and workplace bathroom habits by showing a practical and effective way to only use one paper towel to dry your hands after washing. If you’re like most people, that sounds quaint and, honestly, not realistic. Most people tug at the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom a good three or four times until they have a big ball of absorption in their hands. It doesn’t matter the dispenser, one of those self-cutting ones or an automatic (you just keep waving those hands until you have as many as you want!), we always grab a handful. And, like most people, you probably feel you could never get both hands dry with one small square of thin paper.

The Shake and Fold method will open your eyes to just how wrong we all are. It will also save a ton of trash; well, actually about 286 tons. According to John Smith of Portland, Oregon – a former district attorney and “powerful advocate for proper paper towel use,” according to his TED Talk profile – 13 billion pounds of paper towels are used every year in America. If everyone used just one paper towel instead of the usual handful, it would save 571,230,000 pounds of paper towels a year. It would also keep up to 16 grams of CO2 out of the atmosphere each time you dry your hands. For a 10-person office, this can add up to 120,000 grams each year, or the equivalent of 265 pounds.

We’ve been delaying long enough, now it’s time to reveal the method. Grab a pen; you’ll want to take notes. (Not really.)

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. SHAKE your hands over the sink 12 times(to get rid of excess water).
  3. Grab one paper towel
  4. FOLD the towel in half and dry your hands.
  5. Marvel in how dry your hands are.

Why fold the towel? Water molecules like to stick together and fill empty spaces when getting absorbed, so the tiny space between the layers helps hold more water.

Some people may read this and say, “Why use paper at all? Wouldn’t a hand dryer be more environmentally friendly?” Well, not everyone has access to a hand dryer and even when you do, it’s not 100% certain the dryers are the greener choice. There have been plenty of studies on the topic – measuring materials, manufacturing, transport, use and waste – and the most common answer is that if you have the newest, most efficient hand dryers on the market, they beat out paper towels. However, if everyone just used one paper towel, the paper product would be about equal on the “green scale.”

Another important consideration is the effectiveness, and according to some studies, paper towels win that contest. Hand drying is just as important as hand washing in the effort to remove bacteria, and the transmission of bacteria is more likely to occur from wet skin than from dry skin, according to the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research. Mayo also notes: Most studies suggest that paper towels can dry hands efficiently, remove bacteria effectively and cause less contamination of the washroom environment. From a hygiene viewpoint, paper towels are superior to electric air dryers.

So, take a look at Smith’s TED Talk video and try it yourself. You’ll believe it when you see it.

And as he says at the end of his presentation: “Next, toilet paper.”


Discover Wild Day 2017



Unifi partners with 7 sports (including the Boston Bruins) teams to boost recycling efforts among fans

Waste Dive, Kristin Musulin

Dive Brief:

  • Unifi, Inc. has announced it will collaborate with seven professional sports teams to promote “environmental responsibility” and encourage recycling efforts among fans, according to a press release. The teams include the Dallas Mavericks, Portland Trail Blazers, Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings, Anaheim Ducks, Minnesota Wild and New Jersey Devils.
  • This collaboration is part of the Repreve #TurnItGreen mobile tour, an effort in which Unifi travels to sports stadiums in an interactive trailer to teach the importance of recycling. The company also showcases Repreve products that were made from recycled water bottles during this tour.
  • This collaboration also serves as a launching pad for the Repreve Ultimate Sports Fan Experience, a sweepstakes series that will allow fans to enter for a chance to win VIP tickets and special access to games as well as Repreve products.

Dive Insight:

Unifi is not a stranger to sports leagues as the company has been encouraging various sports fans to “turn it green” for years. Unifi has partnered with both college football teams and NFL teams to create uniforms and apparel out of Repreve fibers, and the company’s ability to engage with fans through fun, interactive educational opportunities has allowed for a valuable combination of brand recognition and increased diversion rates.

Full Article HERE



Dell to use ocean plastics in product packaging

Jared Paben/Plastics Recycling

One of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers will incorporate recovered marine plastics into packaging for one product line.

Texas-based Dell will begin using recovered HDPE from the marine environment in a tray for its XPS 13 2-in-1 notebook, which is a combination laptop/tablet. The tray will be made of 25 percent ocean plastics and 75 percent recycled HDPE food packaging obtained via established recovery systems.

“This is the first time my 10-year-old daughter has gotten excited about what I do,” Kevin Brown, chief supply chain officer for Dell, stated in a press release. “This new packaging initiative demonstrates that there are real global business applications for ocean plastics.”

Dell’s commercial-scale pilot program will use an estimated 16,000 pounds of ocean plastics in 2017. It will produce about 300,000 trays.

Ocean plastics use by the company is expected to scale to 20,000 pounds in 2018, according to Dell.

Dell created a webpage with details on the pilot project. It also includes a white paper that explores how other companies can incorporate ocean plastics in their supply chains.

Full Article HERE


Who’s Really Winning the War on Plastic Bag Bans and Fees?

plastic bags

No product is under greater legislative debate right now than single-use plastic bags.

Mike Nestor/Waste 360

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily intrigue of Washington politics, these days.

With the appointment of Scott Pruitt as chief of the Environmental Protection Agency, much attention has been focused on the future of federal environmental policies, regulations, and laws. Speculation stems from Pruitt’s track record in Oklahoma and his recent comments on the links between CO2 and climate change. The greatest eye-opener was the introduction of H.R. 861 which calls for the elimination of the EPA in December 2018. Granted, introducing a bill is no guarantee it will come to fruition as law. However, that the concept is even being considered is a reality check.

Amidst the tweets, executive orders and investigations swirling around us, we shouldn’t lose sight that in our industry legislative changes occur more commonly at the state and local level. Indeed, in spite of the federal moves toward deregulation, state and local waste- and recycling-oriented bills and ordinances, have been causing controversy all on their own.

No product is under greater legislative debate right now than single-use plastic bags, and often paper ones as well. Closely related legislation targets take-out food containers, but those bills are not as pervasive nor as intense as the battle of the bags. The reasoning behind these proposed laws is not always crystal clear. Like container deposit laws, bans and fees are often introduced to combat litter. The large commercial recycling industry wants them out of the single stream because of their adverse effect on equipment and operations.

Viewpoints vary on the effectiveness of bans versus fees. Others suggest a combination that utilizes both as the only successful way, because it allows for flexibility in various circumstances. Recycling is the answer for those more focused on waste diversion. If you look deeper, recycling proponents often have a vested interest in the continued production of plastic bags, or are those organizations who may benefit from industry funding. It is safe to say there is no one answer that is conclusive thus far.

If you think the environmental premise and the program structure seem confusing, the political motives and outcomes are even less transparent.

From Revelry to Reality

After a long, hard and rather cash intensive fight in California, the nation’s first statewide ban on single-use plastic bags is now a reality. Its purpose is to encourage shoppers to rely on their own reusable sacks. Large food retailers, pharmacies, corner markets and liquor stores can offer paper bags and thicker plastic bags, but they must charge at least 10 cents for each of those items. Restaurants and department stores are exempt.

California’s war on plastic bags was originally waged on the local level and it seemed it would easily be overcome by the plastics industry. As mounting numbers of local ordinances were adopted, the battle escalated. The popularity of banning plastic bags spread throughout the entire state. Every deflective maneuver commonly used to defeat consumer product legislation was implemented. In the end, despite an industry war chest estimated at $6 million, the state won.

Environmental legislation tends to have a trickle-down effect. Advocated point to a local need they have seen resolved in a nearby state. Lawmakers become emboldened when their peers in another area remain elected in spite of introducing new mandates. Based on California’s success, the introduction of more statewide bans and fees would be expected. Instead local jurisdictions stepped forward. Rather than support, they were or still are being meant with strong opposition from their own state legislators.

Granted the expected sources of opposition are influencing the push back. Plastic manufacturers, retailers and restaurant associations are all involved. Apparently, after failing in California, these groups learned to intervene at an earlier stage before even one local ban or fee became policy.

Full Article HERE



Job Wanted – Recent Keene State Grad

Go-getter with passion for recycling and sustainability seeking employment in the recycling field. Has recycling experience from working with the Keene State College campus-wide recycling program. Most recently employed as a field technician in environmental remediation but seeking any employment opportunities with transfer stations, recycling companies or MRF’s throughout NH or northern New England. OSHA HAZWOPER 40 hrs. certified. Possesses basic mechanical operation skills. Has management experience. Please contact with opportunities: Joseph Martino  508-887-0216


Help Wanted

City of Keene Recycling Center – Recycler II Wanted

The City of Keene Recycling Center is currently seeking a Recycler II.  This position involves processing recyclables for marketing.   CDL Required within 6 months, weighmaster license within 6 months and NHDES Solid Waste Operator Certification within 6 months.   Resumes can be sent to


Part-Time Director Wanted

The Composting Association of Vermont seeks a part-time Director. This position has variable hours, 15 – 30 per week. Most hours accrue November thru April. Competitive hourly rate; up to six months transition overlapping retiring Director. Job description, required experience, compensation, and Application Guidelines at:


Assistant Solid Waste Manager Wanted

The Town of Swanzey, NH is accepting applications for the position for Assistant Solid Waste Manager.  This full time position works at the Town’s Recycling Center, assisting and participating in the management of the facility as well as its operations processing recyclables and accepting other solid waste. The position requires performing very physical tasks and experience with driving a bobcat and use of solid waste machinery is a must. Solid Waste Operator Level 1 certificate required and completion of Level 2 certification required within 1 year of hire. Pay range is $12.50 to $14.00 hourly.

A full job description and application is located on the town of Swanzey Website  TO APPLY, SEND RESUME AND APPLICATION TO:Town of Swanzey C/O Edna Coates, Humans Services and Resources Coordinator P.O. Box 10009, or deliver to 620 Old Homestead Hwy. Swanzey, NH 03446 or email to

Full Job description available on Town of Swanzey website:

Application for employment:

Equal Opportunity Employer


Job Wanted-Senior Principal Operator

Senior Principal Operator seeking employment at a Transfer Station/Recycling Center in Northern part of state, preferably within 75 miles of Pittsburg. Currently employed as Transfer Station Supervisor in central NH, looking to move further north to help my aging Mom. 15 years experience in the waste management field, loader, backhoe, roll off experience, and forklift experience, have CDL-A. Working weekends not a problem. Please call 603-491-2780


Items for Sale-Northwest Solid Waste District

Northwest Solid Waste District in Fairfax, Vermont have the following 3 items for sale. “Make an Offer” to Barry Domina :


For Sale


Joes toter


Count: 76

Cost: $20/each

Seller will Deliver.

Vendor’s (Seller’s) Logo on one side

Please call  Joe at 1-978-670-7140



Diesel Hyster Forklift & Two Balers for Sale

The Town of Canaan, NH has the following items for sale, Please contact Mike Samson (603-523-4501 x 5)  if interested or if you have any questions.

1) 1986 Diesel Hyster H40 XL forklift,  Load capacity 4,000 lbs.

2) TWO , Advance Lifts Downstroke Balers BR9000 SN 18004 997A and BR9000 SN 18004 997B.  Looks like it’s rated for 15 HP but I haven’t climbed up to look.

Both in excellent condition. Acquired from NETC.


More NH Municipal Job Postings…

Can be found at:



March 2017

  • March 24th-All Compost Bin Sale Orders Due no later than 4:30 p.m.

April 2017

  • Wednesday, April 5th, 2017- Organics & Composting Stakeholder’s Meeting- 9 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. @ NH DES Auditorium, 29 Hazen Dr., Concord, NH

  • Friday, April 7th, 2017- Talkin’ Trash 4.0 – 7:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. @ Eversource Energy, Manchester, NH

  • Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 – M.O.M Meeting 9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. @ NRRA offices, Epsom, NH

  • Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 – NRRA Board of Trustees Meeting – 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. @ NRRA Offices, Epsom

  • Monday, April 17th, 2017 – Early Bird/Special Value Package Pricing for NRRA Annual Conference ENDS!

  • Thursday, April 20th, 2017 – NH the Beautiful Board Meeting – 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. @ NRRA Offices

May 2017

  • NO M.O.M Meeting this Month

  • May 22nd & 23rd, 2017 – NRRA’s 36th Annual Recycling Conference & Expo – Manchester Radisson Hotel & Expo Center, Manchester, NH – NRRA OFFICES WILL BE CLOSED

  • Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 – NRRA School CLUB Annual School Recycling Conference – Manchester Radisson, Manchester, NH

  • Monday, May 29th, 2017 – Memorial Day – NRRA OFFICES CLOSED


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