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~Recycling Tip of the Month~

On road trips or picnics bring food and snacks in reusable containers. Don’t forget to also bring bags in the car to collect recyclables and look for bins along your way.



Plastics Increasingly a Major Issue for Recyclers

“Plastics young man“ Ever since 2012 when Boylan Slat,  a young Dutch student found plastic floating in the ocean off the coast of a Greek island, we have been aware of the increasing danger that plastic, in all its forms, represents to our planet. NRRA continues to search out more efficient and effective recycling programs for this ever increasing volume of  material in the hope of helping, in some small way, to diminish the adverse impact of this useful but challenging material.

Humans have produced 18.2 trillion pounds of plastics since large-scale production began in the early 1950s and we’ve put most of it in the trash. That weight is equivalent to 1 billion elephants or 25,000 Empire State Buildings. Nearly 80% of that plastic now resides in landfills or the natural environment, according to a study published Wednesday.

And we’re just getting started: Scientists say that by 2050, another 26.5 trillion pounds will be produced worldwide.

“Most plastics don’t biodegrade in any meaningful sense, so the plastic waste humans have generated could be with us for hundreds or even thousands of years,” said Jenna Jambeck, study co-author and associate professor of engineering at the University of Georgia.

Read the entire article here:  A Whopping 91% of Plastic Isn’t Recycle

Recycling markets facing Challenges.



Could it be a bear market on the horizon?

This one was just looking for blueberries but the recycling market bear would covet more than just blueberries.



Click on the article titles below to learn more about China’s proposed waste ban which could have very strong implications across the industry, including for NRRA and our Members:

Recent articles like these once again raise red flags for the near term as recycling markets anticipate the fallout from China’s latest clamp down on incoming material. NRRA continues to stress the importance of “Organic” Source Separated Recyclables whenever possible to avoid potential rejection, lack of interest, or downgrading of material due to contamination. In these increasingly competitive markets, the NRRA Member Services Team works harder for each load of material moved. Pictures prior to bids, BOL’s , Minimum weights and bale counts, tracking challenges all make each load more complicated than ever before in the history of recycling to markets.

NRRA Communication—Do we have a Protocol? You Betcha!

In part due to this extra time commitment spent on each load, NRRA is restructuring its phone in calling structure to hopefully provide you the member with better, more efficient, more timely , and  more effective service.

We have come a long way from two tin cans with a string used when you wanted to talk to your treehouse. Now you pair up your blue tooth earpiece and you can use your cell hands free!  NRRA is always trying to improve on its much heralded customer service and whenever possible we want to make sure its members get to talk to a real person whenever possible.

We have been using a call in system that starts with a recording and then dialing the proper extension as instructed in the pre-recorded message. It has worked well but NRRA is going to try a real person answering the calls for all routine member needs -like release numbers – to hopefully reduce the ever increasing hold times.  Member Services have to be on calls for longer periods when the markets are in turmoil as outlined above. The Admin. team will be able to answer most routine inquiries and take messages or put you into the appropriate Member Service Representative voicemail for any calls when they are not available. As with any new system, there will be some bumps  but bear with us as we are trying this to improve our response times and your services.


Did you know?? NRRA can assist you with all of your waste stream contracts including MSW/C&D, and of course all your recycling needs. This service can be provided in many forms. NRRA can act as a bidder in the process, NRRA can be hired to negotiate on behalf of the Town, or NRRA can be a reference check on current language and what market trends appear to be for multiple term contract periods. In a recent bid process NRRA had recommended the Town go out to bid, rather than sign a proposed extension. The result of this recommendation was a savings of over $125,000 for the town over the initial offer. Call your Member Services Representative for more information. The School recycling Club is also providing this for any school contract that come up for review and while savings are  not of the same magnitude there is opportunity to structure more advantageous terms resulting in better services at less cost.

USDA on the Road Again!

The last USDA Grant Training in NH on Electronics and Mercury Switches will be held at Whitcomb Hall In Swanzey on Aug. 9.2017 at 10:00 AM. Sign up today at info@nrra.net.

Click HERE to view the official invitation or SEE Workshop Information below!

In addition, work is continuing to progress thanks to the help from NHDES on pilot programs and Best Management Practice Developments for NH. NHDES has assembled a stellar working group which will be meeting regularly as we learn more each day how important increasing compost capacity in NH is assist in diversion from ever increasing MSW tip costs.



July  2017 Pricing is Now Available-Members only!

PricingThe NRRA July 2017 Pricing guide is now available!  To access the newest NRRA Pricing guide CLICK HERE.

As a reminder, this is simply a guide.  For true, up-to-date pricing, please contact your NRRA Member Services repesentative.  This guide is password protected, if you need the password, please contact Stacey at smorrison@nrra.net.


You’re Invited: FREE Operator Training
Electronics & Mercury Device Workshop for Solid Waste Operators

What:  Operator Training- Cashing in on E-waste, a Hands-on Experience and Learn how to spot and locate Mercury devices

When:  Wednesday, August 9th, 2017  10 AM – 12:30 PM

Where:  Whitcomb Hall, Main Street, Swanzey, NH

This workshop is eligible for 2.5 NHDES Credits.  Please RSVP by August 7th to 1-800-223-0150 Ext. 10 or info@nrra.net


10 am – Welcome & Introductions

  • Electronics Waste Management
  • E-Waste Collection Rules
  • Best Management Practices
  • Mercury Device Removal

11 am – E-Waste Hands-On

  • Take it Apart-Look at the Guts; Discuss the Options
  • Removing Valuable & Hazardous Components
  • Economics – Is it Possible to Save on Disposal & Generate Revenue?
  • Q & A’s

*Coffee & Donuts Provided.



The NRRA School CLUB Summer SALE!

Schedule your school recycling event now to take advantage of big discounts!

 Click on any of the programs below for more information. Grants available thanks to New Hampshire the Beautiful!

Contact Gwen Erley or Sarah McGraw TODAY to schedule any of the above items.  603-736-4401 ext. 19 OR theclub@nrra.net

NRRA School Recycling CLUB

The School Recycling CLUB assists schools in implementing, maintaining and improving recycling programs! The CLUB is housed and managed by the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA).

Be sure to visit The NRRA School CLUB Facebook Page for more information and updates, Don’t forget to “like” our page!


Join the EPA & SMM for a FREE Webinar : The ABC’s of K-12 Food Waste Reduction: Start with the Guide to Conducting Student Food Waste Audits

When:  Thursday, August 24th, 2017  @ 1:00 pm – 2:30PM EST

REGISTER for this FREE webinar or use the Registration URL:
We can reduce food loss and waste throughout the food system, and significant reductions can happen at institutions, such as schools.  Students and schools can find opportunities and participate in actions that reduce waste and ensure nutritious food ends up feeding people, not landfills – by taking a closer look at what’s being thrown away at their location.

In April 2017, EPA, USDA, and the University of Arkansas finalized the Guide to Conducting Student Food Waste Audits: A Resource for Schools. The guide presents information for students, and those who work in schools, on the value of conducting an audit, how to perform the audit itself, and what to do with the data collected. It also includes a number of food waste prevention ideas.

This webinar will introduce participants to the guide, and share examples from schools that have used to the guide to meet their waste reduction goals.


Melissa Terry is a mother, urban farmer, and food policy researcher at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR. Melissa is the student food conservation manager for the World Wildlife Fund and co-author of the Guide to Conducting Student Food Waste Audits: A Resource for Schools.

Lori De La Cruz, is the Sustainability Coordinator at Mountain View College in Dallas, Texas. She has specialized in sustainability and solid waste reduction education, project planning & implementation for more than 20 years. She is responsible for managing Mountain View College’s climate and sustainability action plans and reports. 

Esau Milenthal was executive chef at Hutto Independent School District (ISD), in Hutto, Texas for three years. Previously, he was executive chef at other locations, including St. David’s Hospital in Austin, Texas and General Electric in Houston, Texas.  Currently Mr. Milenthal is pursuing a new career in real estate. 




2017 NHtB Litter Free NH Blue Bags:  Another Successful Year & Counting!

Each year, in very early Spring, NHtB kicks off its annual Litter Free New Hampshire Blue Bag campaign.  This campaign targets New Hampshire Municipalities, Schools, Community Organizations and groups of individuals within NH municipalities and encourages them to organize a roadside clean up within their community by offering FREE Blue (trash collection) Bags- up to 10 cases (that’s 1500 bags!) –  to each NH Municipality.  The bags are purchased by NH the Beautiful and distributed to registrants by Northeast Resource Recovery Association from their office in Epsom.

An important part of the “participation packet” that is sent to each community is the Tally Sheet.  This helps us get a good picture of how much this campaign helps keep NH Beautiful.  This year has been a record year with over 543 cases (81,450 bags) of Litter Free Blue Bags being distributed among 53 NH Towns and Cities (including 6 DOT’s) Below is a glimpse of this year’s results so far:

Bags of Trash Removed from NH Roadsides:  8061

Number of Volunteers involved in the clean-up efforts:  1,975

Number of Miles in NH that are now free of trash/debris thanks to these volunteers and NHtB’s generosity:   648 miles

Types of items/debris collected:  household waste, bottles, cans, food wrappers, tires, shoes, appliances, a car seat, hubcaps, mattresses and broken trash containers.  Sadly, a lot of hypodermic needles were also reported but carefully & properly disposed of accordingly.

Often communities will share with us an article written for their local paper about their clean up efforts, below is one such submission sent in (and written) by Stasia Millet of Wilton, NH

Wilton Community Center Sponsors ‘Clean Up Main Street’ Event

 The Wilton Community Center was proud to sponsor what they hope will become an annual “Clean Up Main Street” event (which extended to a significant section of Route 101 out of the center of town).  It was quite a celebratory event (see photos) as we all knew we were making a big difference in the town.  Our most “exciting” find occurred when one of the youngsters pointed out a hypodermic needle which I put into an empty soda bottle. ( Yes! Everyone had on gloves.)

The event, starting at 8 am on Saturday, May 27th, attracted 19 volunteers of all ages & genders (plus “Seer” the dog).  We promoted it heavily in the paper, via poster & e-mail blast and on our large Highway Sign.  Several people asked to have a couple of the blue bags which they planned to use on another day in another part of town.

Wilton’s Highway & Sanitation people picked up the mini-mountain of blue bags centrally deposited at the Main Street Park, and hauled them off to the recycling center/dump.

As a Thank You to the volunteers, the Community Center and Jorge of Sky Bridge Cafe had a huge and delicious paella dish that served everyone.  At the end, there was only one string bean left on the gigantic dish.

We look forward to having this event again and garnering even more awareness of our efforts to keep Wilton (even more) beautiful.

Thank you to Stasia for sharing the details of your wonderful event and to you and your community center for helping to keep NH Beautiful!

There are still Litter Free Blue Bags available, if your community hasn’t already done so, please register TODAY to receive your free cases and go ahead and organize your own community clean up event! We’d love to hear about it!


Planning a Summer or Early Fall Event? Consider Using a RecycleMobile!

The RecycleMobile is a unique, mobile recycling trailer created to assist “special event” organizers with collecting recyclables. The RecycleMobile consists of a fiberglass “box” with six collection holes (three per side).  The “box” is attached to a 4′ x 6′ trailer and houses six 32 gallon barrels. Collection signs are attached by two pieces of VelcroTM above the holes and can be changed depending on which materials are being collected!

The RecycleMobile is not only practical, but easy to use, eye catching and educational!  Consider using the RecycleMobile at:


  • Home Comings
  • Sporting Events
  • Fall Harvest Days
  • School/Park Clean Ups
  • Street Festivals/Fairs
  • Earth Day Events

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of NRRA and New Hampshire the Beautiful, Inc. The RecycleMobiles are available for loan to NH municipalities, Schools and community groups for FREE!!!

Visit www.nrra.net or call us at 1-800-223-0150 for more information


NH The Beautiful now offers 18 Gallon Curb Side Recycling Bins as well as ClearStream Containers (and replacement bags).

Click the links below to find out how you can get yours!



Click HERE for Curb side Recycling Bin Info-please note bin pricing has increased ONLY MINIMALLY ($0.20) due to the increase in the size of the bins



Click HERE for ClearStream Recyclers & Bag Info


Grants Program for NH Municipalities

Do you need equipment for your facility? A Floor Scale?  Storage Containers? 

All New Hampshire municipalities are eligible to apply for grants toward the purchase price of recycling equipment.  For more information or to apply for a grant, go to http://www.nhthebeautiful.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/equipment_grant_app_710.pdf, print & fill out the form and fax it to 603-736-4402.  If you do not have access to the internet, please give us a call, and we can fax or mail a form to you.  **The next NHtB Board Meeting is on August 10th


NH the Beautiful Provides FREE Facility Signs- Summer is the BEST time to order New Signs

Bradford Thank You for Recycling SignAll NH municipalities are eligible to apply for FREE facility signs.  NHtB has been providing professional looking signs for NH municipalities since 1983.  Under the NHtB Sign Program, New Hampshire Municipalities are all eligible to apply for signs (60 points each fiscal year or until funds run out).  The NHtB fiscal year runs November 1-October 31.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Stacey at 603-736-4401 x.20. To maximize your points, you can also order “recycled” signs or overlays for existing signs!

For a complete list of sign options and to order signs, click here  Complete Sign Packet.  Simply print the forms you need, mail or fax them to 603-736-4402.

Please NOTE!!! You can only use points to order signs that are on the list.  Words can be removed, but nothing can be added.  Custom signs are available for purchase.  Contact the NRRA for details.


Visit NH the Beautiful on Facebook and Twitter

facebook like To see all the latest that NH the Beautiful is doing for NH check out their Facebook Page! Click the following link –  https://www.facebook.com/pages/NH-The-Beautiful/253682871403932

 We are also on Twitter and Instagram

NH the Beautiful, Inc. (NHtB) is a private non-profit charitable trust founded in 1983 and supported by the soft drink, malt beverage, and grocery industries of New Hampshire. By offering municipal recycling grants (over $2.5 million) and signs, anti-litter programs, and technical assistance to recycling programs, NHtB is a unique organization that represents a voluntarily-funded alternative to expensive legislation intended to achieve the same end results.  NHtB supports the NRRA School Education Program (the Club).  The Northeast Resource Recovery Association (www.nrra.net) administers the New Hampshire the Beautiful programs.




Basic Solid Waste Facility Operator Training for First-Time Applicants

NHDES has scheduled two Basic Training Classes for Solid Waste Facility Operators.  Registration is required.

  • August 23, 2017: Courtyard by Marriott in Keene
  • December 14, 2017: NHDES Offices in Concord

Basic Training will begin promptly at 8:30 am, so please arrive no later than 8:15 am to sign in. Testing begins around 2:30 pm. Lunch and morning and afternoon refreshments will be provided to all attendees.

If you are a solid waste facility operator with Processed Applicant status, you MUST attend this trainings. Please contact us at (603) 271-2925 or solidwasteinfo@des.nh.gov to register. Solid waste facility operators who don’t have Processed Applicant status must submit an initial application and $50 fee within 30 days of employment at a NH permitted Solid Waste Facility.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Continuing Professional Development for Certified Solid Waste Facility Operators

Certified solid waste facility operators must attend or participate in 2.5 hours of relevant continuing professional development each year to keep their certification current. This typically means attending at least one training event such as a workshop or conference. Operators must submit written confirmation of attendance with their renewal application for trainings not provided by NHDES. Credit will generally be given for continuing professional development that offers information about and increases awareness of environmental, waste management operations, and health or safety issues.

NHDES offers workshops to meet the 2.5 hour per year requirement of continuing professional development, but also accepts relevant training from other organizations. Please see the list below for some current training opportunities. NHDES updates the web page when new workshops are scheduled, so check back often to find new postings.

Below are some of the currently scheduled workshops available:

August 22, Keene, NH – Facility Managers, What You Need to Know, Part 1

September 14, NHDES Concord, NH – Used Oil, Part 2

September 14, NHDES Concord, NH – Universal Waste, Part 2

October 18, Lancaster, NH Transfer Station – Mock Inspection

November 8, NHDES Concord, NH – P2 & HHW

December 14, NHDES Concord, NH – Facility Managers, What You Need to Know, Part 2

January 24, 2018 – Facility Managers, What you Need to Know, Part 3

February 22, 2018 – Used Oil, Part 3

February 22, 2018 – Landfills

March 28, 2018 – Used Oil, Part 2 (repeat)

April 13, 2018 – Ticked Off & More

May 2, 2018 – Extreme Weather Events


1. All workshops are subject to change.
2. Please arrive 15 minutes before the workshop session begins.
3. To register for a workshop, or for more information, please contact Nelson Ordway at 271-2925 or nelson.ordway@des.nh.gov



 NERC Partners to Provide Compost Operator Training in Croydon, NH

The Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission (UVLSRPC), USDA Rural Development, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES), and NERC are sponsoring a two-day compost operator training to be held on August 9-10.  “Composting Training: Successful Municipal and Institutional Design” will take place at Always Something Farm which operates a compost and mulch facility in Croydon, New Hampshire.

The event is being organized by UVLSRPC and will feature hands-on activities and field exercises. The primary trainers include Mark Hutchinson, Maine Extension Professor/Maine Compost School Instructor and NERC staff, Athena Lee Bradley. Other Speakers include Tara Albert with NHDES and Greg Williams, Director of Waste Solutions at Agri-Cycle.

A two-day training fee of $60 or $40 for one day includes a light breakfast, lunch, and materials. Interested participants may register on-line at http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07ee9xshk271836d5a&llr=7jf5uhcab


N.H. State Official Acknowledges PFCs Leaking from Former Landfill Site

Waste 360, July 2017

Michael Wimsatt, the director of the state Department of Environmental Services’ Waste Management Division, voiced concerns about high levels of PFCs found in a brook near the shuttered Coakley Landfill Superfund site.

According to SeaCoastOnline.com, Wimsatt also said “actions need to be implemented at the site to provide additional removal or containment of the contamination in order to mitigate these surface water quality impacts.”

People living near the Coakley Landfill in New Hampshire met with EPA officials in January over concerns they had about their drinking water.

Over the last year, state agencies have tested monitoring wells at the landfill and found contaminants. The EPA also conducted a five-year study that concluded last year, but pledged to continuing monitoring the landfill until there is no more contamination.

SeaCoastOnline.com has more, Click HERE



Meal kits not sitting well in plastics recovery chain

Jared Paben, Resource Recycling

Meal kits delivered straight to your doorstep are marketed as providing fresh, healthful food in a convenient way. But they also contain a lot of non-recyclable packaging, much of which carries problematic labeling.

Numerous companies have launched to sell the meal kits, which have all of the raw ingredients, including meats, vegetables and spices, to make a full meal. They’re shipped direct to consumers’ homes.

Over the past few months, Sandi Childs, film and flexibles program director at the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), dissected kits from three different companies. She first came up with the idea after a friend told her about the kits and she ordered one.

“Being a packaging nerd, I started taking pictures of the packaging … and trying to determine the recyclability,” she said.

Childs reported on the results of her project at APR’s meeting in early June in Sacramento, Calif. She found that the three kits each had more than two dozen different packages, including one with 31.

In all cases, the majority of the packages were plastic, although some were fiber products. Many of the plastic packages weren’t recyclable. Some were too small to make it through a materials recovery facility. In other cases, the plastic film utilized was polypropylene (PP) instead of PE. And other packaging samples were made up of multiple materials or had large paper labels.

In one kit Childs investigated, half of the plastic packaging wasn’t recyclable. With the two other kits she dissected, more than three-quarters of the plastic packaging wasn’t recyclable.

Click Here for Full Article


States Grapple with Implementing E-Waste Recycling Laws

Arlene Karidis, Waste 360

To date, 25 states and Washington, D.C., have electronics recycling laws, most of which are producer responsibility statutes. Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin and Minnesota are among those that have recently taken action to deal with fast-accumulating electronic waste.

But even though many of these states are moving the needle forward, some are running into barriers while working to implement these newly developed laws.

“A big challenge is designing consistent, cost-effective collection programs due to issues like falling commodity prices and increased cost to recycle cathode ray tubes,” says Jason Linnell, executive director of the National Center for Electronics Recycling. “The expenses add up, making it difficult for collectors, recyclers and manufacturers who are required to fund programs.”

Commonly, there is limited buy-in from all stakeholders. And there are program structure issues tied to determining ways that manufacturers, collectors and recyclers should interact. States are trying to amend legislation to address these barriers, but there has been no or little consensus on how to do it, says Linnell.

Nationwide, laws are not keeping pace with rapidly changing markets as product innovations occur.

“The market will continually fluctuate, but states are often locked into arbitrary [recycling service] pricing,” says Billy Johnson, chief lobbyist of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI).

Today, processors are dealing with lighter devices that are assembled differently and harder to take apart and working with less volume of valuable materials. Because of this, processors are investing more time and effort for less money, comments Johnson.

The lower returns are mainly happening because manufacturers have paid into recycling programs based on pounds of products currently being sold versus pounds being recycled. This has created a gap between cost to recycle and monies coming in to support the programs, as end-of-life devices are heavier than new products marketed today.

Click HERE for Full Article



JOB OPPORTUNITY:Transfer Station Manager/Highway Department Employee

 The Town of Canterbury NH is accepting applications for the position of Transfer Station Manager/Highway Department Employee.

The position will combine two job functions and is a full-time position with benefits, reporting to the Road Agent.

JOB SUMMARY For transfer station manager: This position is responsible to supervise the acceptance of trash and recyclable material and general overall operation of the Transfer Station. Operating hours for the Transfer Station are Wed. 4-7 & Sat. 8-6. CDL & NHDES Solid Waste Operator Certification required within 6 Months.

A full job description is available on the Town of Canterbury website.

Please send resume to: Ken Folsom, Town Administrator Town of Canterbury NH PO Box 500 Canterbury, NH 03224

Salary: $16.00-17.50 per hour depending on qualifications.


Transfer Station Scale Attendant – Town of Hampton

The Town of Hampton Department of Public Works is seeking applications for a full-time Transfer Station Scale Attendant. This position requires computer skills and ability to maintain good public relations with the general public. A State of New Hampshire Weigh Master’s License will be required within 90 days of employment. A CDL-B driver’s license will be required within 8 months of employment to assist with other Public Works Department duties as needed. Duties include: enforcing rules relating to the proper utilization of the transfer station; weighing Transfer Station users consistent with applicable rules; collecting fees; and issuing receipts when necessary. The successful candidate will be required to pass a pre-employment screening including a background check, driving record check, and drug and alcohol tests. Other job related and employment tests may be required. Job description is available upon request. Starting Salary $14.16/hr. Send resumes with cover letter to Jennifer Hale, Deputy Public Works Director, 100 Winnacunnet Road, Hampton NH 03842, or email to jhale@town.hampton.nh.us Resumes will be accepted until position is filled. No phone calls, please. No facsimiles will be accepted. The Town of Hampton is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Assistant Solid Waste Manager Wanted

The Town of Swanzey, NH is accepting applications for the position for Assistant Solid Waste Manager.  This full time position works at the Town’s Recycling Center, assisting and participating in the management of the facility as well as its operations processing recyclables and accepting other solid waste. The position requires performing very physical tasks and experience with driving a bobcat and use of solid waste machinery is a must. Solid Waste Operator Level 1 certificate required and completion of Level 2 certification required within 1 year of hire. Pay range is $12.50 to $14.00 hourly.

A full job description and application is located on the town of Swanzey Website www.town.swanzey.nh.us  TO APPLY, SEND RESUME AND APPLICATION TO:Town of Swanzey C/O Edna Coates, Humans Services and Resources Coordinator P.O. Box 10009, or deliver to 620 Old Homestead Hwy. Swanzey, NH 03446 or email to ecoates@town.swanzey.nh.us

Full Job description available on Town of Swanzey website: http://www.town.swanzey.nh.us/vertical/sites/%7B760A44B6-0D83-4ACA-89A3-80792F1CB951%7D/uploads/Assistant_Solid_Waste_ManagerJOb_Description.pdf

Application for employment: http://www.town.swanzey.nh.us/vertical/sites/%7B760A44B6-0D83-4ACA-89A3-80792F1CB951%7D/uploads/application_2016__w_changes_final.pdf

Equal Opportunity Employer


Job Wanted-Senior Principal Operator

Senior Principal Operator seeking employment at a Transfer Station/Recycling Center in Northern part of state, preferably within 75 miles of Pittsburg. Currently employed as Transfer Station Supervisor in central NH, looking to move further north to help my aging Mom. 15 years experience in the waste management field, loader, backhoe, roll off experience, and forklift experience, have CDL-A. Working weekends not a problem. Please call 603-491-2780


Items for Sale-Northwest Solid Waste District

Northwest Solid Waste District in Fairfax, Vermont have the following 3 items for sale. “Make an Offer” to Barry Domina : bdomina@nwswd.org


For Sale

Diesel Hyster Forklift & Two Balers for Sale

The Town of Canaan, NH has the following items for sale, Please contact Mike Samson (603-523-4501 x 5)  if interested or if you have any questions.

1) 1986 Diesel Hyster H40 XL forklift,  Load capacity 4,000 lbs.

2) TWO , Advance Lifts Downstroke Balers BR9000 SN 18004 997A and BR9000 SN 18004 997B.  Looks like it’s rated for 15 HP but I haven’t climbed up to look.

Both in excellent condition. Acquired from NETC.


More NH Municipal Job Postings…

Can be found at:  https://www.nhmunicipal.org/Resources/ClassifiedAds



August 2017

  • NO M.O.M Meeting This Month  

  • August 9th, 2017 @ 10 AM – Electronics & Mercury Devise Workshop for Solid Waste Operators- Whitcomb Hall, Swanzey, NH

  • August 10th, 2017 @ 8:30 – NH the Beautiful Board Meeting @ NRRA.  (*This Date was moved up from August 17th)

September 2017

  • September 13, 2017 – M.O.M Meeting @ NRRA Offices, 8:30 AM (Eligible for 2.5 NHDES Credits!!)

  • Associate & Vendor Dues Invoices go out this month!

 Click Here for Full M.O.M Meeting Calendar



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