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Happy Holidays from NRRA

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~Recycling Fact of the Month~

226,800 miles of wrapping paper is thrown at Christmas, which is enough to stretch 9 times around the world



Join us for a Special Meeting to Discuss Single Stream & Dual Stream Issues and Concerns!

All NRRA members with single or dual stream recycling are invited to a special meeting on Wednesday, January 8th from 11 am to 12:30 pm at NRRA’s office to discuss the challenges unique to these recycling programs.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss what the future holds for single and dual stream recycling contracts. NRRA staff will share what trends they are seeing with renegotiation of single and dual stream contracts in the current market. Examples of how other members are navigating these changes will also be shared. NRRA members with a contract renewal in the next few years are especially encouraged to attend to both learn and share information with others.

This meeting will follow NRRA’s regularly scheduled Members/Operations Marketing Meeting on the same date. In the typical format of our MOM Meetings, this meeting is for members only; no haulers or vendors will be present. Attendees are welcome to join us for both the MOM meeting (at 9 am) and this special meeting and are welcome to bring their own lunch if desired.
For questions, please contact Reagan Bissonnette at (603) 736-4401 or

Speaking of Meetings…..

Don’t forget to join us on Wednesday, January 8th for our regularly scheduled MOM Meeting at our office in Epsom, watch your email for the agenda!   On February 12th, Our MOM Meeting will once again be hitting the road and will be held in Lee at the Lee Transfer Station & Recycling Center.  Again, watch your email for details!

Thanks to the City of Keene Public Works Department for hosting NRRA’s December Member/Operations Marketing Meeting at the Keene Recycling Center. Mike Hartness, Solid Waste Operations Forman, treated attendees to an informative tour of the facility afterwards.





2019 NRRA Annual Meeting

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Annual Meeting on Wednesday, November 6th.  We had a great turnout, great food, and great company.  Reagan shared the key challenges she’s heard from members during her first five months as Executive Director, and she also shared ways in which NRRA is and will continue to help members meet those challenges.  During the annual meeting, we also welcomed two new members to our Board of Trustees: Brian Patnoe, Solid Waste Manager for Littleton, NH and Jamie Manzolini, Recycling & Disposal Facility Supervisor for Wellesley, MA.  More information about Brian and Jamie can be found here.


Keeping Up with Reagan

Bonnie Bethune, Member Services Manager, and Reagan Bissonnette, Executive Director, traveled to Northampton MA on December 12th. They spoke with communities with dual and single stream recycling about the status of recycling markets and options for mitigating a large increase in recycling fees seen in their new Springfield materials recovery facility contract.

On Friday, December 13th,  Reagan attended the NHDES Solid Waste Operator Basic Training.  It was well done and informative.  She included a post on Facebook about the most surprising fact she learned during that training.

In early December,  Reagan presented to the Concord Energy & Environment Committee about recycling markets and composting regulations.

Webinar: Is Recycling Still Worthwhile in New Hampshire?

When: January 29, 2020  12pm – 1pm

Hosted by: NH Municipal Association

Are you concerned about the economics of recycling in your community?
Are you wondering if you should continue to recycle or change your current practices?
And what does China have to do with all this?

Join Reagan Bissonnette, Executive Director of the Northeast Resource Recovery Association for an informative discussion about the economics of the current recycling markets. Reagan will cover the basics of what has happened and what the future holds for recycling, composting, and trash.

If you have input into or manage any part of a municipal budget—including town administrators, planners, selectboard members, and clerks—this webinar will prove valuable for you.

This webinar is available live for NH Municipal Association members and will later be available in a recorded format for NRRA members.

Register Here:



The NRRA December 2019  Pricing Guide is Now Available!

The NRRA  December 2019 Pricing guide is now available!  To access the newest NRRA Pricing guide CLICK HERE.

As a reminder, this is simply a guide.  For true, up-to-date pricing, please contact your NRRA Member Services representative.  This guide is password protected, if you need the password, please contact Stacey at

IMPORTANT PRICING ALERT:  Mixed Paper Pricing (loose, bales, picked-up or delivered) is currently at a COST to Members.  There are a number of ways NRRA can help until the fiber market improves, please call us if you have any questions or concerns.


NRRA Announces Keynote Speaker for 2020 Annual Conference: Welcome Bea Johnson!

NRRA 2020 Conference Keynote Announcement! We are very pleased to announce that Bea Johnson, the leading spokesperson for the zero waste lifestyle movement, will be the keynote speaker for NRRA’s annual conference on May 18 & 19, 2020.


NRRA 2020 Annual Conference – Call for Speaker Proposals

Click Here for Full Speaker Details and Presentation Proposal Form

NRRA Member of the Month: Joanie Cudworth, Hollis NH

Joanie Cudworth is the Solid Waste Supervisor for the Town of Hollis, NH.  Joanie serves on the NRRA board and leads our monthly member meetings. In order to expand the programs offered at the Hollis transfer station at Rocky Pond Road, she took a course in Maine and started a pilot food composting program. It has been successful so far and she hopes to expand the program to more residents. She also uses creativity to get the attention of her residents with recycled creatures she assembled who advertise composting or scrap metal programs.

Joanie has been working for the Town of Hollis for 17 1/2 years. Besides her normal duties at the transfer station she also has a snow plow route and is a member of the Storm Water committee in Hollis. Joanie is very involved in the schools.  She is helping with the green house project at the Hollis/Brookline middle school to teach students about composting and storm water. Joanie is also involved with the Life skills Transitions program at the High School. This program helps students develop skills in a professional setting and gives them an opportunity to explore different jobs in the field of Waste Management.  Prior to working for the town Joanie worked part time for 10 years in the middle school cafeteria.  She also served on the Hollis Elementary school board for four years.


NRRA Vendor of the Month:  Prime Plastics

NRRA’s newest plastics Vendor is Prime Plastics!  We welcome Prime Plastics of Vista CA in to the NRRA fold.

Per Prime: “We recycle the material (HDPE and PET)  here in the US. Many places do not have room to wait for full loads so we will take them into Norwalk, Ohio, clean them up if needed and sort if needed. Then, when we have a full load of one type of material, we take it on to one of the plants that we supply for recycling. It depends on the plant that it is going to as to what the end use will be.”  To learn more about Prime Plastics, visit their website, here.


The 12 Days of Stowe-mass by Lamoille Valley Regional SWMD

Check out this clever video that we shared on our FB page from Lamoille Valley Solid Waste Management District!  The 12 Days of Christmas, Recycling Center style!

While you’re at it, Be sure to “Like” and “Follow” us on Facebook. Reagan has been posting some great things on our page and this is a great way to keep up with all of the happenings at NRRA and our Members!


From Heather Herring’s Desk:  Dear Scrappigail

Each month Heather tackles the tough recycling questions that come in to our Member Services department from transfer stations, concerned citizens, and businesses.

Dear Scrappigail-

My family was visiting for Thanksgiving and they know that I like to recycle. They set up a paper back next to the garbage bag, and tossed every wet paper towel and used tissue paper in their along with any paper they no longer needed. How do I encourage my family to recycle without criticizing them about wishcycling material that doesn’t belong in mixed paper?

Wishing in Wellesley


Dear Wishing-

I know what you mean! Even though they have the best intentions, they need to be gently educated that not all paper products meet the specs for what paper mills require to make new products. Although paper towels can be composted in some commercial facilities, the average recycling center will not want these contaminants in their paper material to send to the mill. Tissue paper (both for your nose and the kind that wrap your presents) is made of paper, the quality is so low that paper mills will not consider them desirable. Especially if it is wet material or has red dye in it! Tissues and paper towels are good to start a bon fire. Better yet, opt for reusable paper or cloth gift bags this year.



Member Alert:  Mixed Paper Market

MEMBER ALERT – Mixed Paper (Loose or Baled) continues to be a challenge to market in a time when China is accepting very little and India is quickly overloaded in its supply.

NRRA is working hard with its Vendors to keep mixed paper moving at the lowest cost possible to our Members.

Our Vendors acknowledge the high quality produced by NRRA Members and this has helped keep costs down and material moving.

Our recommendations are twofold:

  1. Stay the course, these fibers are still valuable and important to keep out of our landfills and incinerators
  2. Consider separating fibers as much as possible producing cardboard, mixed paper and sorted office paper to get the best value and market availability

Please reach out to NRRA with any questions or concerns.

NRRA Holiday Hours

NRRA will only be closed on Wednesday, December 25th and Wednesday, January 1st.  However we will only have limited staff available on December 24 and 26 and on December 31. Please plan accordingly.  Happy Holidays!

Inclement Weather Policy

NRRA is working on revising and finalizing our Inclement Weather Policy for our Staff.  While we do not want any member of our staff to drive in unsafe weather conditions we recognize that this is a NH based business and therefore, we still have to provide a service to our Members even when the weather is less than cooperative. If you happen to call the office on one of these days and are unable to reach anyone by phone, please leave us a message OR email as the voicemails and the email are both checked even on inclement weather days.


Snow & Ice Removal

Please remember to remove all snow and ice from the top of your covered containers prior to a scheduled swap/pick-up.  Many of our Haulers and Vendors will refuse to move a container that is covered with snow and ice as doing so can result in costly DOT Fines and possibly tragic accidents.

Likewise, please as much as possible,  please be sure that our haulers and vendors have access to your containers when a pick up is scheduled.  If they are unable to move your container, it could result in a “truck not used” fee from the vendor to your town.

NRRA Vendor, Naughton & Son, recommends spraying the inside of your MSW Containers with diesel to prevent solid waste/trash from freezing to the container.  Material that is frozen inside the container is unable to be dumped or pried out of the container therefore the container will be returned to you with that material still in it.

And finally, whenever possible cover your commodities.  Clean, dry commodities are worth more in the market place and also help you avoid weight deductions for snow and ice.



December  2019

  • Wednesday, December 25, 2019 – Merry Christmas!   NRRA office CLOSED

January 2019

  • Wednesday, January 1, 2020 – Happy New Year!  NRRA Office CLOSED
  • Wednesday, January 8, 2020 – MOM Meeting @ NRRA Office,  9:00 am – 10:30 am
  • Wednesday, January 8, 2020 – Single Stream & Dual Stream Meeting @ NRRA Office,  11:00 am – 12:30 pm
  • Friday, January 10, 2020 – Deadline for NRRA Conference Speaker Proposals
  • Monday, January 20, 2020 – Rev. Martin Luther King Day – NRRA Office Closed
  • Wednesday, January 29, 2020 – NHMA & NRRA Webinar:  Is Recycling Still Worthwhile in New Hampshire?

February 2020

  • Wednesday, February 12, 2020 – Traveling MOM Meeting @ Lee Transfer Station, 7 Mast Road, Lee, NH
  • Monday, February 17, 2020 – President’s Day – NRRA Office Closed



John H. Fuller Elementary Holds TOLD

As part of our ongoing work with the Keene School District (see below), the School Recycling CLUB assisted John H. Fuller Elementary in conducting a Trash On the Lawn Day (TOLD) on Oct. 29. Click Here for some pictures


The CLUB Earns Gold Circle Award

The CLUB was honored to accept our second Gold Circle Award from the NH Partners in Education.  We were recognized for our Garbage Guerrillas workshops at Hampstead Central School.

We were also pleased to see that Colin Donnelly (right) of Winnacunnet High School in Hampton, NH received the Student Volunteer of the Year award for his work with Blue Ocean Society and Healthy Kids Running Services.  Congratulations Colin!

For all the details, see our Press Release!


For more School News You can Use, Click Here.



*If your town/municipality has equipment that you’d like to sell or a job posting you’d like us to include in our publication, please email your posting to Stacey Morrison at*



Position Available – Town of Newbury

Transfer Station Attendant

Full time position (40 hours/week), with benefits, at the Transfer Station in Newbury, NH. Position requires working Saturday and Sunday. Preference given to applicants that are certified with a NHDES Solid Waste Operator license, or with experience in the solid waste field. For a complete list of duties, please see job description on the Town website

Competitive hourly rate. Position open until filled.

Apply to: Town of Newbury, P.O. Box 296, 937 Route 103, Newbury, NH 03255.
Questions: Contact Dennis Pavlicek, Town Administrator, 603-763-4940 ext. 204.
Town of Newbury, NH is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Position Available – Town of Newbury

Transfer Station Attendant

Part time position at the Transfer Station in Newbury, NH. The candidate will be part of the team responsible for the operation of the Transfer Station, the recycling processing and brush and leaves. Applicant should have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Competitive hourly rate. Position open until filled.

Apply to: Town of Newbury, P.O. Box 296, 937 Route 103, Newbury, NH 03255.
Questions: Contact Dennis Pavlicek, Town Administrator, 603-763-4940 ext. 204.
Town of Newbury, NH is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Free to a Good Home

Free Gaylords!  Contact Josh Whipple at the Swanzey Transfer Station for more information.


More NH Municipal Job Postings…

Can be found at:


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