The “good ol’ town dump” is no more; today, solid waste management is costly and complicated. Decision makers, Coordinators and Operators of transfer stations/recycling centers are faced with constant changes in regulations, market specifications and pricing. Therefore, one of the NRRA’s major responsibilities to its membership is to keep them informed of the latest trends, programs and laws associated with solid waste management. By doing so, the NRRA helps ensure its membership’s recycling programs are cost-effective, efficient and safe.

To accomplish this, the NRRA provides information through a variety of forums:

Members/Operations Marketing Committee Meetings: Meeting on the second Wednesday of every month (except in June and October) and open to all members, the Marketing Committee acts as a bridge between the NRRA and its membership. The overall goals and activities of these meetings include providing:

  • assistance with marketing activities;
  • hands-on outreach to communities;
  • networking opportunities with other facility operators;
  • feedback from members to the NRRA staff;
  • research and development of recycling new materials, and;
  • educational opportunities.

Our Marketing Committee Meetings are at the NRRA office at 2101 Dover Rd, Epsom, NH 03234 at 9:30 am. Occasionally the NRRA schedules meetings at alternate locations. Check our website’s breaking news section for those details.

Annual Conference and Exposition: Held in June of each year, the NRRA hosts a Conference and Exposition for all interested in solid waste and recycling related issues. The Conference and Exposition was rated one of the best in the Nation by Resource Recycling magazine (May 2000) for its willingness to “look into cutting-edge issues” and “bringing a regional perspective” to recycling and solid waste issues.

The Conference consists of a number of interactive, educational workshops which focus on all aspects of the recycling and solid waste industry! The Exposition area is full of over 60 vendors who provide recycling and solid waste services and products.

Telephone Technical Assistance: Often times municipal officials or attendants have questions regarding recycling trends, proper processing techniques or market specifications, but are unsure where to call to get the correct answer. The NRRA assists its membership by acting as a “one stop” clearinghouse of information. With over 60 years of collective experience in the world of recycling, the NRRA staff can assist members with questions or call on its vast network of municipal and state recycling coordinators to find the correct answer.

Technical Workshops: To promote new recycling programs, processing techniques or future market trends, the NRRA hosts two technical workshops per year for its membership (Fall and Winter). Past workshop topics have included construction & demolition debris recycling, baling efficiencies, propane tank handling and safety, transfer station design and layout, and “burn pit” regulations.

Site Visits: To better understand the needs of the membership, NRRA staff perform site visits. NRRA staff can assist in the planning of new programs, provide possible solutions to an existing issue or problem, and suggest “tricks of the trade” shared with us by other members.

Pay-As-You-Throw programs: (also known as unit-based pricing, variable-rate pricing, or pay per bag) provide a direct economic incentive for residents to reduce the amount of waste they generate because households are only charged for the amount of waste they throw away – in the same way that they are charged for electricity, gas, and other utilities.

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