Full of Scrap – Week of 3/21/11

From the Director’s Chair: Breaking News!

We held this week‟s Full of Scrap for several reasons and this announcement by NHDES on Friday is the most important. Please read it thoroughly and if you have any questions do not hesitate to call NHDES or NRRA for clarification.


DES Sponsored Training Workshops are Temporarily Canceled

Due to a number of factors, the Department of Environmental Services has temporarily canceled all Solid Waste Facility Operator Training classes until further notice. When training classes begin again, DES will notify all certified solid waste operators and all persons who have applied to become certified.

If you have signed up for either a basic training class or any one of the continuing education workshops shown on the schedule posted on the DES website, you should take the class off your calendar and wait to be notified when training begins again.

The delay in training does not affect an operator‟s ability to work at a solid waste facility because:

  • Temporary certification is automatically granted to any person who has filed a complete application with fee to become certified and is waiting to take the required Basic Training Class.
  • Extended certification will be automatically granted to any certified operator who files a complete application for renewal with fee, before the date that their current certification is due to expire, on the condition that they fulfill the continuing education requirement soon after the DES training begins again. However, all certified operators are encouraged to fulfill their continuing education requirement by participating in alternative training events and activities not sponsored by DES. A list of alternative training approved by DES while its regular workshops are temporarily suspended will be posted on the DES website as soon as possible.

Remember: You must still submit your application for certification or certification renewal with the required certification $50 fee in order to obtain temporary or extended certification. It is only DES training that has been temporarily canceled, NOT the requirement to maintain certification. Application forms are available on the DES website or by request.

Before resuming the training workshops, DES will re-evaluate the program to ensure greater accessibility and value to solid waste facility operators. If you have suggestions for changing or improving the program, please send us your comments by email at solidwasteinfo@des.nh.gov and type “SWOT Suggestion” in the subject line.

For additional information, please contact Ryan Lamey at (603) 271-2906 or ryan.lamey@des.nh.gov.

NRRA will continue to offer alternative training workshops at our MOM Meetings and at special workshops, that will qualify for NHDES continuing education credits to help you maintain your Certifications. The April 13, 2011 Plastics Workshop which will be conducted by Marilyn Weir will share the latest plastics news from the wonderful world of # 1 – # 7, rigids, lids, tubs, and beyond. It will be held at the NRRA offices in Epsom and will be our effort to share the information gleaned from her attendance at the National Plastics Conference. Routine MOM meetings do not qualify for certification, but when we have special presentations like Aggraphalt, Plastics, Non-Ferrous, or Consolidation they will as long as NRRA handles the paperwork.

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