Bills of Lading (BOLS) & Other Forms


Bills of Lading

It is Important for Members to send the NRRA a completed Bill of Lading for each shipment of material marketed through the NRRA. This ensures a record of the shipment and helps guarantee accuracy. So please help us track your shipments by completing and sending us your Bill of Lading.  See below for the answers to frequently asked questions:

“What is a Bill of Lading? Why is it so Important?” A Bill of Lading is the form completed by the shipper of goods (you),which lists and acknowledges the receipt of those goods for transport by the vendor or hauler. This is your receipt for town owned material being shipped off town property, and it is your best protection against any possible loss of credit or mislabeling of material.

“How do I fill one out?”  Completing a Bill of Lading is EASY! Once the goods are ready or loaded for transport, fill out the Bill of Lading and keep one copy for your records, provide one copy to the shipper/hauler/truck driver to sign, and email, fax, or snail-mail a copy to the NRRA. That’s it!

“How do I get Bills of Lading forms?”  The blank BOL forms are now available (see links above) in several different formats for you to use depending on which will be easiest for your site.  Word, Excel, and PDF forms can all be printed out at your municipal offices so you’ll never run out. Also see a sample below on how a BOL should be filled out. If you need any assistance, please call the office and we’ll walk you through it.

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