About NRRA

In 1981, four New Hampshire municipalities founded the Northeast Resource Recovery Association, then called the New Hampshire Resource Recovery Association, to provide a clearinghouse for current, up-to-date information and a source of technical and marketing assistance in the general areas of waste reduction and recycling.

Since then, membership in the NRRA has grown to include over 400 municipalities, individuals, and businesses in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Southern Maine. The NRRA is a member driven organization whose programs are designed and overseen by the members they serve.

The NRRA provides cooperative purchasing programs, educational and networking opportunities, technical assistance, and cooperative marketing programs that have received national recognition for establishing innovative grassroots recyclables marketing cooperatives with competitive pricing which enable small, rural and large urban communities to manage their own recycling programs! For a list of NRRA Member Programs and Services, Click HERE. We are a non-profit 501(c) organization.


Every organization is only as good as its members, its governing board, and its staff. NRRA is very fortunate to have a growing list of active and participating members, and engaged and involved Board of Trustees (to learn more about our Board of Trustees click here) and an incredibly dedicated staff (meet our staff by clicking here). Working in concert to improve recycling at every level, these people donate hours of time and effort and go above and beyond to sustain the important work of recycling throughout the Northeast. From daily commodity movement, to educational outreach, to site assessments and technical assistance the entire NRRA team is proud to contribute its efforts and expertise to improve the waste diversion and recovery efforts across the board. Thank you to our members for all their active support by their membership and sharing their expertise.

2019 NRRA Staff

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