Full of Scrap – Week of 12/6/2010


PLEASE NOTE: There will be a no “MOM” Meeting in December.

Mark your Calendar

Please mark your calendars for the following holiday closures: December 17th at Noon Staff Holiday Luncheon, Christmas Day, Friday December 24th and New Years Day, Friday, December 31st. Please plan your loads accordingly!!!

From the Director’s Chair

Tis the Season:

Aside from all the hectic activity of the compressed shopping season from Black Friday to Dec.24 and beyond, this is a season of scrambling for everyone. A Keene, N.H author, Ernest Hebert, wrote a book called the “Dogs of March” in which the author sees his wheelbarrow emerge from under the snow as the March melt begins. In the wheelbarrow are the shovels and rakes and all the other tools he was in the process of “getting to” put away when the first full snow hit in December. As he says, “Yep, there they are right where I left em.”

NRRA will do everything it possibly can to respond to last minute requests, holiday season or otherwise, and our vendors are extremely responsive to any and all emergencies. Please help us help you by calling ahead as early as possible for pickups and know we will do everything we can to get things cleaned out before they end up in the wheel barrow!

Just by way of heads up, some of Member Services will be on vacation during the holiday season, and we are still in the field doing sites visits, so if your representative is not available on any given day just work with us to get your order processed as efficiently as it would with your regular representative. The office will be closed for the holidays on the 24th and the 31st.

“Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”.

NRRA’s 30th Anniversary ~
The Northeast Recycling Conference and Exposition:

As you know by now, this is an extra special conference and exposition coming up on June 6th and 7th, 2010 at the Radisson Hotel, Manchester. N.H. and we are diving in with both feet this month. Our keynote speakers, Liz Bedard and Fred Moody, will team up to start us off with invaluable perspective as they were there at the signing of the original Articles. Throughout the two days there will be displays of the history of NRRA and recycling in the Northeast to bring us up to date including a special recognition retrospective late Monday afternoon in the Armory. The ongoing workshop topics, presenters and possible special panel of speakers will highlight the future of our industry as never before! We know that every year is a conference not to be missed but especially this year, we want everyone to benefit from the incredible expertise that will be available.

Due to the overwhelming success of the first in the nation School Recycling Conference and workshops last year, we are hoping to continue to grow again. This year’s workshops will be held on Tuesday the 7th and the at least one of the school award winners will receive and NRRA Sponsorship to the Youth Environmental Summit to be held in August of this year where we expect over 200 students to come from around the country for an intensive two days of workshops to get them all fired up for the fall school semester to improve recycling in their schools.

If you have any suggestions for topics or speakers you would like to see covered please get do contact us with the information. Keep an eye out for the nomination forms for awards as this year’s competition will be especially noteworthy.

Try and find the time to spend as much time as you can with your families this season as that time is more valuable than any other. All the best!

As you know, NRRA is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year! If you have any memories or stories you’d like to share, please send them along to me! We’re working on planning a special ceremony to be held at our Annual Conference in June. Also, if you have any ideas or thoughts on how we can make this a great celebration, I’d love to hear from you. Please plan to attend this year’s conference. We’ll take you on a walk down memory lane and look at how far NRRA has come in 30 years. Guest speakers include some of the founding members and other key people involved in the success of NRRA through the years. You won’t want to miss it!

All info can be emailed it to pdow@nrra.net, faxed to 603-736-4402 or mailed to NRRA, Attn: Paula Dow, 2101 Dover Rd, Epsom, NH 03234.

From Future Planning Committee – please take survey**

Over the past few years, we have focused on improving the quality of programs and services NRRA offers to its members. In order to remain effective, we need to hear from you!

We hope you will take a few moments to complete the following short survey in order to gain feedback on your perception of NRRA. Plus, we love to hear your ideas and suggestions to make improvements!

Data from this survey will be used to make recommendations for changes within our association and also assist us in charting our future direction.

Your input is very valuable and important to us and as always is kept confidential. Thank you very much for your time in participating in our survey. Please click or cut and past this link **http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TZRFGJ3 to take the survey when you have a moment. If you want to send comments and or suggestions direct to Charlie Kelley, Committee Chair please email to: kel.kel@sbcglobal.net.

From Accounting Department

Once again, to clarify how billing is done. We are on a two week cycle. Meaning, we cut checks and print invoices every two weeks. Here is the schedule for the rest of this calendar year.

Mailed by 12/3/10 includes commodities picked up by 11/3/10

Mailed by 12/17/10 includes commodities picked up by 11/17/10

Mailed by 12/31/10 includes commodities picked up by 12/1/10

If we do not have weights in for items in those date ranges, they will be included in the next scheduled check run after the weights are received.

Market Comments from Adam Clark

Hello…More of a market pricing report this time with little analysis as I’m rushing around like a chicken today….

Things look steady in the Fibers Markets with the Yellow Sheet reporting only a slight increase ($5/ton) on OCC, while other grades have remained flat.

Pricing for full loads is quite competitive and now is your opportunity to get cleaned out and start fresh with the New Year. Call for quotes…

Plastics pricing is up yet again with SERIOUS interest in PETE. CALL if you have a partial PETE load, and we’ll do our best to match you up with another town to take advantage of this market.

For the record baseline mixed commodity load pricing is….

HD Natural = $.28/lb
HD Mixed Color = $16.5/lb.
PETE = $.175/lb

Though again, straight PETE will get you considerably more…CALL! CALL! CALL!

As a somewhat interesting aside, this is the first time in my experience that PETE pricing has surpassed HDMC pricing on what I call the baseline pricing numbers….hmm. Maybe we can look more at that next time.

NRRA/Schnitzer Scrap Metal pricing has seen yet another jump in price. Pricing for the week of 12/6/2010 is as follows…

Delivered/Containerized = $205/gt
Zone 1 = $165/gt
Zone 2 = $155/gt
Zone 3 =$140/gt

Finally, Alum and Steel Cans are still making moves, this time in the right direction. Full loads of on-spec alum cansare pushing $.80/lb and full loads of baled steel cans (40k lb. min.) are looking to shake out with an increase of $30-40/gt higher in December.

Delivered NRRA/Schnitzer pricing for the week of 12/6/2010 follows…

Steel Cans Loose = $155/gt
Steel Cans Baled = $160/gt
Aluminum Cans Loose = $.62/lb
Aluminum Cans Baled = $.66/lb

Oh, by the way, I just celebrated my 5th year anniversary here at the NRRA and, as always, I sincerely want to thank you for the opportunity to work with you all. I love this industry and talking with you guys and gals always makes my day. Cheers! Adam

Members: 800-223-0150 ext. 14
Cell: 603-988-7459

From Jan’s Desk

Grants: New Hampshire municipalities are all eligible to apply for grants toward the purchase price of recycling equipment. The next NHtB Board of Directors meeting will be January 13, 2011- please be sure to submit new applications by December 20th. To apply for a grant, go to the NHtB website www.nhthebeautiful.org, print & fill out the form and fax it to Jan or Paula at 736-4402. If you do not have access to the internet, please give us a call 800-223-0150, and we can fax or mail a form to you.


NH the Beautiful would like to hear from the towns that have received grant monies. How has this new equipment had an impact on the recycling process? Please email your comments to: nhtb@nrra.net.

RECENT RECYLING GRANT AWARDED: Portsmouth was awarded $2,100 to help with the purchase of 1,000 18 gal green recycling bins. Since 1995 NH the Beautiful (NHTB) has awarded Portsmouth over $31,000 towards the purchase of over 14,000 bins. The award was presented to Mark Whiting, Transfer Station by Larry Melanson, Coca Cola Bottling Co. of NNE/NHtB. Also present were: Dennis Nesbitt, Anheuser-Busch- Retired/NHtB, Silke Psula, SW Coordinator and Wes Elmer, Coca Cola Bottling Co. of  NNE-Retired/NHtB. Silke Psula notes: “The City of Portsmouth has officially gone to single stream curbside recycling. We are hopeful, knowing this is another step in the journey to improving the recycling program efficiencies and ideally recycling rates.”

Lee was awarded $5,000 to help purchase of a used Horizontal Baler which they purchased from the City of Franklin – how is that for recycling!!! New Hampshire the Beautiful (NHtB) presented to Town of Lee. Present l-r were: Dennis Nesbitt, Anheuser-Busch-Retired/NHtB, Larry Melanson, Coca Cola Bottling Co. of NNE/NHtB, John LaCourse, Chair, Board of Selectmen, Roger Rice, Transfer Station Mgr., Dian Guimond, Town Administrator and Wes Elmer, Coca Cola Bottling Co. of NNE-Retired/NHtB. According to Roger Rice “Lee has a state-ofthe- art operation with a complete two lane drive-thru building and has received much recognition in the Solid Waste Circle of NH. This baler will reduce wear and tear on their existing baler and allows them to bale two products at the same time making them even more efficient.”

Greenland was awared $2,200 to help purchase a BACE V63 Baler. Larry Melanson, Coca Cola Bottling Co. of NNE/NHtB presented the check to Karen Anderson, Greenland Town Administrator. Also present were: Dennis Nesbitt, Anheuser-Busch-Retired/NHtB, Paul Hayden, Transfer Station Coordinator and Wes Elmer, Coca Cola Bottling Co. of NNE-Retired/NHtB. “The town has consistently increased the volume of materials being recycled over the past four years. We are pleased with the increase of materials, but we do not have the space to increase the number of containers used to collect the recyclables. This baler will allow us to condense the materials being recycled to fit substantially more in the same amount of space,” said town Administrator Karen Anderson.

Signs: New Hampshire Municipalities are all eligible to apply for signs (60 points each fiscal year or until funds run out). To apply for signs, go to the NHtB website www.nhthebeautiful.org and print the forms you need and fax it to Jan at 736-4402. Please NOTE!!!! You can only order signs that are on the list. Words can be removed but nothing can be added.

ClearStreams: Available through NH the Beautiful; you can buy a case (5 per case) or one. Price to Schools: $16.00/ea; Towns/Non-Profits $35.00/ea and businesses $45.00. Order forms are available at NRRA’s website by going to: https://www.nrra.net/purchasing.html. We also sell replacement bags: 1 roll (20 bags) for $9.00.

14 gal green recycling bins:

TOWNS/NON-PROFITS: $4.85/ea – until supply is gone!!
SCHOOLS: The price is still $3.00/ea!!
BUSINESS: $8.00/ea

From School Recycling Club & Association of Vermont Recyclers

Upcoming Events for Students and Teachers

2nd Annual Northeast School Recycling Conference and 14th Annual Youth Environmental Summit

Save the Dates!

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 will be the second Annual Northeast School Recycling Conference.

Back by popular demand, we’re excited to have the “Conference within a Conference” School Recycling Conference sponsored by NH the Beautiful, NRRA and AVR that will run all day on Tuesday, June 7th. This is a great opportunity to reach out to students, teachers and administrators at all levels, and will include workshops specifically for school recycling programs throughout NH and the Northeast! The annual School Recycling Club Awards will be presented at the mid-day ceremony.

The Northeast School Recycling Conference is the only conference in the nation that brings school recyclers and town, state, and private industry recyclers together to explore ways to work together and learn from each other. Last year, over 125 students and teachers participated in 9 different workshops, networked with vendors and exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall and built connections to other schools and new programs that can assist schools with building, improving and maintaining their school recycling programs.

$60 per person includes breakfast, lunch and a reusable shopping bag and conference packet. Conference registration will begin at 7:30 am with the first workshops beginning at 9:30.

The Northeast School Recycling Conference makes a great year-end reward for your recycling club, an excellent educational field trip, or a way to boost participation in your school’s recycling program.

August, 2011: 14th Annual Youth Environmental Summit

High school students from around the Northeast and the nation will attend the 14th Annual Youth Environmental Summit (YES!) in August of 2011. Unlike the concerts, games, skate parks, and shopping trips more commonly associated with teens, this event is planned by and for teens to rally committed student-activists and teen environmental organizers to an action planning event.

The Youth Environmental Summit (YES!) brings together high school student activists for three days of training, planning, networking, and celebration of student led direct action environmental campaigns. Afterwards, participants will return to their home schools and communities to organize and lead their own environmental campaigns.

YES! is organized by a steering committee of high school students with support from NRRA, AVR, and the US EPA. High School students interested in joining the steering committee should contact us theclub@nrra.net to get more information. The theme of this year’s Summit weekend is “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” and will incorporate expert presenters, training sessions, outdoor adventures, local foods, hands-on learning, and social events, according to YES tradition. While waste prevention and responsible consumerism are key focuses of the event, all aspects of environmental activism will be addressed, from forums on specific issues to trainings on running campaigns.

“YES is an intense weekend” says AVR Executive Director Norm Staunton. “But while the goal is to prepare teens to lead their own campaigns, you can’t neglect the need to network, socialize, and celebrate the success of past campaigns. The Steering Committee does a great job of balancing those needs.”

From Recycling Technical Assistance Site Visits to Theater Programs, Trash On the Lawn Days, Classroom Workshops, and registration for the School Recycling Club, now is the time to be thinking about your school and community recycling education programs for the remainder of the this school year. If you are interested in AVR and NRRA School Recycling Programs, the School Recycling Club, or in having an assessment performed at your schools, please feel free to visit www.schoolrecycling.net or to contact Kelly and Norm at NRRA extention17, or Norm Staunton directly at director@vtrecyclers.org.

AVR – VT School Survey**

The Association of Vermont Recyclers (AVR) was founded in 1982 as a grassroots effort to support recycling in Vermont. Today, AVR is a State leader in education, outreach and technical assistance on waste prevention, recycling, and responsible consumerism.

This survey will be entirely anonymous and confidential unless you provide your contact information. We want to thank you in advance for your participation. It is only with your help that a State recycling organization can be successful. Your responses are appreciated and valued by the Board of Directors.

Please visit the following link **http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/H39FVSW and answer a few quick questions.

We need your help! Please take this brief AVR Survey**

The Association of Vermont Recyclers (AVR) has developed this survey to help determine its plans and priorities for the upcoming year, as well as to help understand what you feel is unique and valuable about AVR. Your responses will help chart the vision for AVR.

This survey will be entirely anonymous and confidential unless you provide your contact information. We want to thank you in advance for your participation. It is only with your help that a State (VT) recycling organization can be successful.

Your responses are appreciated and valued by the Board of Directors.

Please visit the following link **http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/N85PZMC and answer a few quick questions.

Epping Equipment for Sale

Prodeva Can Crusher, Model 150, 2hp, 230V

Glass Crusher by C.S. Bell Co.

Model HMG 05P, 3hp, 230V

Epping would like to sell these to the highest bidder!

Bids will be accepted by email to: waterandsewer@townofepping.com (in subject line put “CRUSHER BID”) with final bid date to be announced in the next Full of Scrap.

Plastic Tubing Available – FREE!!!

One of our members has 12 large boxes of plastic tubing available for the taking. Please contact Woody at (603) 774-7090 for more information.

Bills of Potential Interest to NRRA

Since we’re at the point in the legislative season where bill requests for 2011 are being filed, there is no longer any 2010 legislation to report on.


Call2Recycle® Recharging the planet. Recycling your batteries.™ December 2010

You Still Have Time to Give – Batteries – That Is.

‘Tis the season to dust off those holiday decorations, hunt for the perfect gift and do your part to recharge the planet! An important part of holiday shopping includes purchasing extra batteries that power toys and portable electronics.

In the spirit of giving, please remember to help keep our planet cleaner by returning your used batteries, up to 11 pounds each, at a drop-off location near you. Call2Recycle® also encourages program participants to return boxes as soon as they are full.

Power Tool Battery Recycling Safety Tips

Safety has always been a top priority for Call2Recycle at all stages of the battery recycling process. To ensure that power tool battery packs are properly handled for recycling, Call2Recycle has developed 5 quick tips.

Click here to download 5 Tips for Safety Recycling Disassembled Power Tool Battery Packs.

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