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Draft: Quantifying Waste Generation and Composition

*Efficiency and Effectiveness KPI

Intent: To collect up-to-date data to support development and evaluation of effective sustainable materials management programs.

Requirement: Develop and adopt a policy to regularly collect data on the generation and characterization of all materials collected in the municipality. Conduct regular waste generation and composition studies and define what is “regular.”

The policy shall reference and require waste characterization and generation studies to follow the SWEEP Guidelines for Waste Characterization and Waste Generation Studies.

At a minimum, the policy must specify that a Major Waste Characterization and Generation studies be conducted every 5 years, with at least one Waste Characterization Update between major studies.

Potential Strategies:

  • Ensure this is available to municipal and residential entities.
  • Cover C and D waste
  • total solid waste generated;
  • per capita solid waste generation;
  • Residential vs. Commercial origin;

Goal for this credit: Waste characterization and generation studies — execute those policies.

Municipalities should keep track data from landfills at least on an annual basis (generation).