The cooperative purchasing program allows NRRA NRRA’s membership to purchase supplies and equipment commonly used in the collection and processing of recyclables. The NRRA offers its membership discounted purchasing opportunities on the following items:

Gripples: Inadequately tied bales do not hold together during loading and transport, but there is now a tool available to NRRA members that solves that problem: the Gripple. By slipping each end of the baling wire through the Gripple, a device originally designed for use in the fencing industry, operators can quickly and easily apply the Gripple Tool to tighten down the wire. Please contact the NRRA today to order your Gripple starter kit!

Baling Wire: With many of our members using balers to “condense” their recycables prior to marketing, the availability of quality, inexpensive baling wire is a necessity! The NRRA offers its membership quality baling wire, at fantastically low prices, that can be shipped directly to facilities!

Backyard Compost Bin Sale!The NRRA has teamed up with Norseman Plastics to offer the Earth Machine Home Composters through an annual “Backyard Compost Bin Sale”. The Sale is coordinated much like a Girl Scout cookie sale in that the NRRA coordinates the sale on a regional basis while local groups or organizations coordinate the Sale in their area by promoting it, taking orders and collecting checks. Organizing groups can use this Sale as a fundraiser and earn $5 per bin. The Sale runs from Jan to May of each year.

Rain Barrels: Are available for purchase once a year in conjunction with compost bin Sale running generally from Jan. to May of each year. for more information contact NRRA.

Kitchen Pails:  Are great to store your scraps in until you’re ready to compost them. A limited stock of Kitchen Pails are available for $10.00 a piece. They are sold on a first-come first-served basis for more information call NRRA.



Non-Roadworthy Storage Trailers and Ground Level Containers: One common trend found at transfer stations/recycling centers throughout the Northeast is their lack of suitable storage space. One inexpensive solution to this problem is to use non-roadworthy trailers or ground level containers for storage of collected material.

plastic_gaylordPlastic Gaylords: Lightweight and Waterproof.  NRRA has black corrugated plastic gaylords available for sale. These 43”W x 36”H x 32”D gaylords are great for storage of aluminum cans, steel cans, plastics, and paper.
Full of cans or plastic, they are light enough to move by hand or can be stacked two high! Although they are lightweight, they are extremely strong and have a top that can also act as a bottom to add strength and extend life expectancy.
Potential Applications:
5-8 plastic gaylords of aluminum cans = 1 bale in a vertical baler 10-15 plastic gaylords of soda bottles = 1 bale in a vertical baler
Tricks of the Trade:
If using outside, drill one inch holes in bottom of gaylord for drainage.
Call NRRA for pricing Available for pick-up in Laconia, NH

Please call Member Services for a list of company and/or product names for the following items.

* Asbestos Abatement Companies
* Baler Vendors
* Glass Crusher Vendors
* Plastic Bag Sources for PAYT Bags
* Recycling Bin Vendors
* Rolloff/Compactor/Transfer Trailer Vendors
* Scale Vendors

For more information or the specific costs of any of the NRRA’s purchasing programs, please contact the NRRA by e-mail at info@nrra.net or by telephone at (603) 736-4401.

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