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* Activity Detail Reports – NRRA/Member (by pickup date or commodity)
* Disposal Fees – NH Municipal Transfer Stations
* Environmental Impact Reports
* Pay-As-You-Throw – New Hampshire Experiences

Also, the NRRA is unique in that it does not charge a “brokerage fee” or work to maximize profit gains, but rather has a minimal “NRRA Fee” which is re-invested back into programs to further recycling and solid waste services to the membership.

For more information or specific details on any of the NRRA’s Marketing programs, please contact the NRRA by e-mail at or by telephone at (603) 736-4401. You may also view our NRRA Overview Sheet.

Applying the “cooperative theory” to the world of recycling, the NRRA works to pool the recyclables of its membership to secure stable and competitive markets. Our membership takes pride in the materials they prepare for market. They produce large volumes of high quality material, paving the way for expanded market options and consistent pricing. The NRRA actively markets over 30 types of recycled materials for its membership. The NRRA has marketing programs for the following materials:


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* Aluminum Cans
* Asphalt Shingles
* Batteries ( Auto OR Rechargeable )
* Cell Phones (through RBRC)
* Commingled Containers
* Construction & Demo ( Debris OR Clean Sheetrock )
* Electronics
* Fibers ( Mixed Paper OR Newspaper OR OCC)
* Fluorescent Bulbs ( Bulk OR Store ‘n Ship )
* Freon Recovery
* Glass (PGA OR Sorted)
* Innovative Programs – Single Stream, Dual Stream and Consolidation
* Plastic

* Propane Tanks
* Scrap Metal
* Steel Cans
* Tires
* Vegetable Oil


* Asbestos Abatement Companies
* Baler Vendors Vertical or Horizontal
* Batteries – Recycling Disposal Guidelines – Dry-Cell/Household
* Brush/Stump Processors
* Conference Information
* Disposal Fees-Municipal Transfer Stations
* Equipment Maintenance Vendors
* Fire Extinguisher/Smoke Detector Proper Disposal Guidelines
* Glass Crusher Vendors
* Horticultural Plant Containers & Agricultural Film Recycling
* Marine Shrink Wrap Recycling
* Microwave Recycling
* Packing Peanuts Recycling & Reuse Guidelines
* Plastic Bag Sources for PAYT
* Recycling Bin Vendors
* Resident Disposal Sticker Sources
* Rolloff/Compactor/Transfer Trailer Vendors
* Scale Vendors
* Textile Recycling
* Toner & Ink Cartridges
* Waste Oil & Antifreeze Recycling
* Freon Reclamation



Please call NRRA/Member Services at 1-800-223-0150 to obtain the above information either by fax, email or mail.

The information contained in the Information Sheets is believed to be reliable and is neither comprehensive nor an endorsement of any companies listed. We welcome addendum’s or additions.

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